If you were to learn something new everyday @ZSlatter


By Zoe Slatter

If we were to learn something new every day, then I should have learned two things from SCA this week. I know I’ve learned the stories of two people; so I could easily confirm that the old saying is correct. However, if the old saying states you learn only ONE thing new every day, I beg to question if we should rely on such a tale.

I arrived at SCA on Wednesday to warm hellos and greeting smiles. After landing at Heathrow the previous day I was tired, my mind and body confused, and to cut things short, I was recovering from a stomach virus which has since unpleasantly re-visited me and hasn’t had the courtesy to leave yet, still. However, disregarding all of that, this state has given me time to reflect on what’s been no doubt a mind-boggling week and the start of my journey here at SCA.

Wednesday. My start at SCA. Names, groups, briefs, stories, swab keys, more groups and another brief and I felt caught up and ready to tackle the term. After mingling in, I was thrown straight into the school with a workshop on storytelling. ONE of the many things I learned or was reminded of this day was very simple: be nice work together and you can create great work. Of course, we could all state we know this, however it was reiterated to me that if all of you create something great, like the phrases in our metaphors, you can combine great ideas to make something even greater together. Secondly was that trusting this new set of people instinctively meant we could create something in a matter of minutes. Although it’s again basic principle to introduce your self and be nice to people, it was pleasant to see what a difference it really makes. The day followed with many more learnings that I single handily could not write down without creating a brain- draining bullet-pointed list. However, at the end of the day hearing alumni talk about their experience at SCA made perseverance the final round-up of what I learned this day. I need to persevere throughout one last year in education, persevere through projects and persevere to succeed. The better your perseverance the further you will go.

To sum up Wednesday you can see that in simply one day I did not learn one thing. I didn’t learn a corny fact, or a geographic shocker that London is closer to Paris than Edinburgh but ‘stuff’ a little more intwine for personal development. So although I do agree with the tale, perhaps it shouldn’t be taken literally, by me anyway. You should be willing to learn every day, re-learn and learn again to catapult further than you did before, something you cannot sum up by learning one thing new every day. I’m excited to see what things I learned in the days ahead of me at SCA.

So two days in at SCA I wanted to use this opportunity to say a massive thank you to the intake this year for welcoming me into the year group so well. I can’t wait to spend the rest of the year with you all and make great work and learn many things new together.

see you back at school.

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