I’m a hacker – By @karolinakezdi

By Karolina Kezdi


I’m a hacker


I’m from Eastern Europe and I’m a student at the moment, so  I’m double poor. I would say this is the main reason why I only buy reduced foods (*once I bought instant gravy for 1 penny, ** my flatmates are amazing for not throwing me out with all my frozen shit in the fridge).  I know where is the clearance shelve in all shop around me. I’m registered least seven last-minute ticket site and I’m a proud member of any Facebook group which offers free events.


It started with Airport Lounges.


Have you ever been deemed to wait 8 hours at an empty airport, in the middle of the night, alone? I can tell you: It’s boring.
You can’t call your mom or anyone else who you usually do, when you bored and you don’t have better to do.
You hate Netflix. You are over 3 and 2 half semi-shit movies during the previous flight. You over succeeded your Candy Crush record. Can’t sleep. Can’t read. “There’s no one new around you” – Can’t Tinder. Can’t shopping. Except for a battle-weary Costa, everything is closed. The only oasis in the Airport desert is the lounge. Free food, free Bloody Mary (somewhere already passed noon), but absolutely no free entry without membership or black Visa. Except…  


For the record, I really haven’t got better to do so, I challenged myself, I have to find my way in, it’s a must.


First, I went to the VIP lounge, where the waiter instead of hello or good evening said I must be lost.  

Meanwhile, I was bundled out and felt offended, why couldn’t he imagine I belong there. I saw the reflection of my flip flop and the worn-out slacks on the shiny floor. So I went to the loo, put my hair up, fixed my makeup and changed – I had my suitcase with me anyway.  


Fling 2:  I went back. People were queuing to register in, so I had time listening, finding out the system. The toilets open from the hall too, people were crossing. The toilets went directly to the inside, if I snuck round, I’d be there. I did it. I was in. I loved being smart.


So this is my silly mission if I’m traveling.


There’s no ultimate rule, so it’s still exciting.


Sometimes it’s enough if you confidently walk in, like you know what’s going on.


Sometimes it’s enough if you ask the door girl to let you in, and she does.


Grab a stranger in the elevator on the way up to the lounge and let him be your plus one.


Buy a fully refundable business class ticket for that day.


Easy. Isn’t it?




The copy scores 80.6 in the Flesch Reading Ease test

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