I’m tapping out – By @megan_egan

By Megan Egan


I’m tapping out


It’s time to celebrate. Why? Because this is my last SCAB of course. Woohooooooo!


In just under 2 weeks, we’ll be leaving SCA, and I’m quite excited about it. This year has been tough for me. I love working. I like having a tangible end to my endeavours. After the D&AD deadline in March, I fell into a massive slump that I struggled to get out of. Portfolio day felt so far away, and for me, no pressing deadlines means feeling lost and depressed.


At least I’ve had a rocket put up my arse the last couple of weeks, with the final deadline looming. I’m feeling much better about it. I’m starting to find my fire again, just in time. Phew!


As this is my last SCAB, I feel I should probably throw out some thank yous. So, in no particular order:



Thanks for the crazy ride. You’ve got a golden heart underneath that mad exterior. Cheers for letting me into your school and kicking me when I needed it. Keep doing what you’re doing!



You’re a legend. You manage to find a diamond in even the shittest of ideas. I hope you enjoy your summer in your inflatable paddling pool.



Thanks for the dark humour, the sarcasm, helping me with my scripts and most importantly, constantly reminding me to ‘just have fun with it’!!




The filthy, filthy puns. Oh how I’ll miss them! And thanks for coming up with our team name.




You are such a legend, thanks for always being there to listen to me when I’m having a total mare, and for teaching me about typography.. I still have a long way to go (2 dot ellipsis is irony btw).




I’ll definitely miss your overly expressive face. Thanks for making me see how great copywriting actually is. Turns out words aren’t as lame as I thought.




Probably the mentor with the best sense of humour, thanks for putting up with me.




WHAT’S THE IDEA?! Alex – you’re a total legend, and a total babe. Thanks for letting me cry to you, thanks for sharing your insane art direction brain with us and thanks for inspiring us all.




My Brummie office gal!! So much love for you, thanks for talking me off the ceiling when I’m having a bad day. I know we’ll stay in touch. x




Another one who has to put up with my whingeing. Thanks for helping me make it through the year. You’re a very good bean.





Thanks for the laughs, and for the print credits (plot twist: Marcia has been giving us free print credits this whole time!!)


…seriously though, she isn’t. It was Jono.







You are such a sweetheart. You were also my first recommendation on LinkedIn. Love you longtime gurrrrl! Hope you smash it wherever you end up. xx





Thanks for making me feel like absolute shit at the beginning of the year. I know it was for a reason. It makes it all the more sweeter when you actually like our work. Love you, Pete!




The mad professor – cheers for divulging all of strategy’s dirty secrets. It’s not as hard as it sounds (;-)???).




Thanks for helping us out on the dodgiest of lines. Now take a seat already, won’t you?!



Thank you for showing me the power of words. I just know your baby is going to be as awesome as you are.



Thank you for supporting my move to London. I hope to return the favour one day.




Thank you for being my inspiration every day, both personally and professionally.




Last but not least, thank you Poppy for sticking by me in times where I’ve not been myself. You’re a legend. I hope MEGAPOPS continues for a long, long time.



All the love,






(and to future intakes reading this: I hope you realise sooner that I did, just how privileged you are to be at SCA, in the company of some of the greater creatives you’ll ever meet).




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