I’m writing a new dictionary with my mates by Darius @lastwordstyped

By Darius Rodrigues

Nice house. Nice view. Nice drugs. Nice cigarette. Nice balcony. Nice tree. Nice window. Nice journey. Nice bus. Nice juice. Nice bike. Nice moment. Nice smile. Nice night. Nice while. Nice laptop. Nice phone. Nice tree. Nice branch. Nice roots. Nice laugh. Nice barbecue. Nice summer. Nice chimney. Nice sky. Nice story. Nice life. Nice death. Nice most. Nice rest. Nice teacher. Nice cloud. Nice quiet. Nice loud. Nice rainbow. Nice oil. Nice sky. Nice soil. Nice nose. Nice hair. Nice careless. Nice care. Nice sniff. Nice stare. Nice shit. Nice snare. Nice landlord. Nice tap. Nice feet. Nice speed. Nice release. Nice eyes. Nice sweat. Nice hand wash. Nice scowl. Nice banana. Nice rotten. Nice robbery. Nice neon. Nice lottery. Nice breath. Nice star. Nice moon. Nice far. Nice soon. Nice people. Nice zoom. Nice memory. Nice hunger. Nice issue. Nice wonder. Nice awe. Nice ponder. Nice font. Nice cold. Nice warm. Nice scold. Nice teeth. Nice bleach. Nice alarm. Nice worry. Nice slow. Nice hurry. Nice curtain. Nice cheating. Nice chest. Nice beating. Nice gown. Nice watching. Nice privacy. Nice alone. Nice sorry. Nice wood. Nice flower. Nice water. Nice shower. Nice active. Nice passive. Nice door. Nice passage. Nice streetlight. Nice bliss. Nice text. Nice kiss. Nice worry. Nice happy. Nice silence. Nice clappy. Nice rhyme. Nice stand. Nice rubbish. Nice home. Nice road. Nice satellite. Nice planet. Nice comic. Nice hero. Nice villain. Nice hello. Nice goodbye. Nice smartphone. Nice bungee. Nice drop. Nice funny. Nice demon. Nice sod. Nice ambition. Nice loss. Nice heavy. Nice hope. Nice brave. Nice cope. Nice lie. Nice kitchen. Nice magnet. Nice friction. Nice dream. Nice podcast. Nice table. Nice leftover. Nice takeaway. Nice sober. Nice chair. Nice spin. Nice spellcheck. Nice win. Nice sin. Nice sim. Nice sun. Nice started. Nice done. Nice tv. Nice Netflix. Nice brand. Nice Weetabix. Nice tablet. Nice scroll. Nice religion. Nice hole. Nice beep. Nice bump. Nice save. Nice dump. Nice smart. Nice dumb. Nice friends. Nice none. Nice pretty. Nice heavy. Nice slow. Nice ready. Nice jumper. Nice trousers. Nice headache. Nice wank. Nice shower. Nice spank.

Nice light. Nice spark. Nice light. Nice dark. Nice frost. Nice kettle. Nice equation. Nice horse. Nice persuasion. Nice French. Nice love. Nice rocky. Nice stable. Nice miss. Nice goal. Nice battery. Nice soul. Nice money. Nice ventilator. Nice protection. Nice devotion. Nice gesture. Nice books. Nice set-up. Nice sit- down. Nice pedal. Nice waste. Nice problem. Nice face. Nice cat. Nice dog. Nice here. Nice gone. Nice life. Nice death. Nice this. Nice rest. Nice home. Nice house. Nice mice. Nice mous. Nice purpose. Nice crane. Nice different. Nice same. Nice weather. Nice game. Nice winner. Nice lame. Nice sleep. Nice club. Nice ace. Nice spade. Nice space. Nice sculpture. Nice spare. Nice picture. Nice oven. Nice song. Nice gig. Nice promise. Nice fig. Nice small. Nice middle. Nice complex. Nice riddle. Nice tomorrow. Nice here. Nice away. Nice spoke. Nice traction. Nice fraction. Nice broke. Nice fix. Nice lick. Nice pussy. Nice dick. Nice adventure. Nice story. Nice boring. Nice tired. Nice fridge. Nice story. Nice slam. Nice bread. Nice ham. Nice map. Nice charm. Nice blanket. Nice arm. Nice art. Nice asshole. Nice me. Nice you. Nice them. Nice us. Nice place. Nice home. Nice garden. Nice sigh. Nice daily. Nice first. Nice last. Nice try. Nice words. Nice not. Nice nothing. Nice eyes. Nice teeth. nice life, Nice start, Nice pause , nice wake, nice cause. Nice weekend. Nice friends. Nice heart. Nice gun. Nice night. Nice fun. Nice run. Nice jealousy. Nice imagination. Nice makeup. Nice look. Nice backpack. Nice shoes. Nice weight. Nice clues. Nice vibration. Nice cocaine. Nice water. Nice name. Nice frame. Nice foetal. Nice shame. Nice chat. Nice coffee. Nice haircut. Nice same. Nice sorry. Nice guilty. Nice freak. Nice CGI. Nice anger. Nice sigh. Nice ATM. Nice train. Nice pause. Nice journey. Nice cause. Nice fingernail. Nice bite. Nice pyjamas. nice cotton. Nice forehead. Nice shoulder. Nice video. Nice try. Nice wonder. Nice why. Nice fetish. Nice meat. Nice racist. Nice eat. Nice purple. Nice berry. Nice young. Nice cherry. Nice mockery. Nice adventure. Nice weather. Nice skin. Nice guilt. Nice spot. Nice stilts. Nice kind. Nice Kindle. Nice President. Nice operation. Nice parent.

P.s – I’m writing a new dictionary with my mates. Or a research project designed to gather data re the language, tone and rhythm of the current collective consciousness. Or a catalogue of life right now. To eventually be used as a tool to leverage us out of mediocrity) exercise to do if feeling alone or confused. I think it will eventually be called ‘Nice mice’. Current most popular words: story, life, home.

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