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Imagine being someone famous

If you were someone famous from the opposite gender, who would you want to be and why?


Simone Biles. It’s obvious isn’t it. A 4ft, 8inch tall supreme gymnast. Firstly I would be able to touch my toes. Secondly, she has over 30 olympic and championship medals. Sponsored by Nike, an inspiration to millions. She also gets to chuck herself about a gymnastics course and do insane feats of impressiveness. I guess 4ft 8 wouldn’t be ideal, but it means I can hide in great hide and seek places too, so BONUS.


I would be Dara O’Briain because of his super fast sharp wit and great intelligence, I’d be amazing at social gatherings!


I would like to be St Vincent aka Annie Clark. I’d like to experience the life of a well-known musician who isn’t entirely mainstream, but still huge and respected. It would be great to play the guitar so masterfully, as she does. Also, never been a woman before.


I would love to have been Keith Haring, a day in his life in New York as it was, would have been incredible! Having the balls to just create art on the Subway (and then having people steal your work to put on their walls). If not Keith Haring, it would be Grayson Perry or The Dalai Lama!


Hiromi. I would play the piano from sunrise to sunset.

Mike M

The Queen? Olivia Colman?

Look, honestly, I don’t know if my answer is the Queen or the Olivia Colman playing the Queen.  So, let’s just say both. 

I’ve just come off of season 4 of The Crown, so I’m all fired up on tightly crafted royal drama. 

To be honest, I wouldn’t mind also being Drew Barrymore, Hollywood powerhouse, actor extraordinaire and boy is she beautiful.  I watched Music and Lyrics a couple of days ago for the umpteenth time and what a charmingly silly film it is, and Drew Barrymore is charming in it.  See Never Been Kissed for equal levels of charm and silliness too. 

While we’re at it, I would be equally happy spending a day in Emma Stone’s shoes too.  When she exploded onto the scene in Easy A, we (or at least the young men and women of my generation) all collectively held our breath.  A star was born.  Now she holds us captive with stand-out performances on the regular, Birdman, La La Land, and The Favourite (Oliva Colman is another Queen in that too).

Alright, here’s a fourth, Margot Robbie.  Again, talent coming out the ears.  She brings everything in one of the most seemingly effortless performances of 2019 in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.  On top of that, I, Tonya – not only starred in but produced as well.  Shut the front door and all the windows too.

Last one, I promise.  Behind the camera (yes most of my choices exist in the film world), Sofia Coppola, whose Lost in Translation is a film I can re-watch over and over and over again.  Scripted to perfection, shot beautifully, and the performances are stand out.  A minute in her shoes would be magical.

Okay. Done.    


I’d be doing fine by just being Keanu Reeves’ motorbike honestly. 


Jacinda Ardern. Incredible leader, loved by her people and she gets to live in New Zealand. The dream.


Jeff Bezos’ wife. 


Ian McKellen. Who wouldn’t like to be a walking icone. And everybody who disagree has never seen him talk about how to get into King Lear’s character. Also, I would love to know what it feels to be knighted ! (I know, odd for a french…)


Audrey Hepburn


Oscar Wilde. His aphorisms are still present in popular culture, he wrote plays, novels and poems, and knew how to throw a party. 


George Ezra. I feel like we share a lot of the same values. Down to earth, happy go lucky, up for a pint and he got to play the pyramid stage at GLASTONBURY. I mean isn’t that everyone’s life long dream? Well it’s definitely mine apart from the fact I can’t sing, dance or play an instrument but my Dad always told me to aim high. 


Hm. Is it blasphemous to say Jesus?


Virginia Woolf. Can you imagine crafting sentences as sumptuous as Virginia’s? Or changing English literature forever? It would be amazing to have even a brief moment inside her beautiful mind. 


Tylor the Creator! Controversial figure..possibly but his creativity across music, art, TV blows my mind. The visuals for his catwalk shows and music videos are my favourite thing on youtube. Also.. his definition of success is having a trampoline in his bedroom


I would have always said Zac Efron because who didn’t have him as their crush from High School Musical?! However after watching Down to Earth with Zac Efron I found it toe curlingly cringe worthy. So for me, it’s going to have to be David Beckham! Happily married, good career and mates with the royals- now that’s a great combo.

Juliette Lewis. Badass and can do it all. Say no more.


Elizabeth Taylor, without question – every time. 


Rick Astley. The best example that you only need to get it right once.


Since you didn’t specify we had to choose a human, I am going to say that I wish I could be my pug for a day. He is quite well known (everyone at SCA knows him) When he has a bath he gets a bowl of trifle sponge and a whole banana. Just for having a bath.


Helen of Troy, hatched from an egg, daughter of Zeus, most beautiful woman in the world, eloped with Orlando Bloom. What more could you want?

Alex R

The wicked witch of the west. She had really nice boots. 


Debbie Harry, needs no explanation.

*Bonus* Yoko Ono, so I could ‘remove myself from the equation’.


Victoria Beckham. In order to gain access to a true fashion and cultural icon. The one and only Dane Bowers. 

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