Inspiration – Group SCAB by the 16/17 Intake


By the 16/17 Intake


Inspiration – it’s funny how it can come from such weird and wonderful places. Below we have shared with you where we get our inspiration from (feel special) – be that out and about to improve ourselves or for our advertising focused minds. So delve in, and fingers crossed you’ll feel more inspired…



Lauren: Lauren`s inspo links. Actually take a look though yeh? 


Hands down one of the best writers out there (in my opinion).


Digital knowledge + creative skill + artistic sensibilities = psychedelic/satirical/spiritual/political collages that will melt your mind, courtesy of Eugenia Loli. 







Discover Weekly on Spotify. If you don’t already use it – USE IT !!! Brilliant algorithm giving you carefully selected music based on your listening habits! It always delivers. I like to let the music roll and make music videos in my mind… with unlimited budgets!


Exploring. I’ve lived in London for over 7 years. I’m always discovering new pockets!! It gives me a real buzz. Last weekend I discovered Arnold Circus in East London – I was transported to New York, Paris and back in time, all at once!! SO EXPLORE, EXPLORE, EXPLORE, this city keeps surprising!!!


Making things. Writing songs and jamming, my scrapbooking club (2 members), ignoring recipes, making fancy dress costumes… This is where I find my joy – and joy is damn inspiring!!



Sophie: Inspiration for me comes from people – no no, not famous people. No one you will have heard – no one for that matter I would have heard of.  People watching is one of my favourite sources of inspiration. Sit for 2 hours in a coffee shop, wait in the arrivals area of an airport or maybe even stroll around the supermarket 5 times (you get the idea). It is incredible how snippets of conversations from strangers can make you smile, cringe or engulf you with emotion. Strangers use words in a different way to you and your friends. They will use gestures and foreign shapes to dictate the same message.


So if you are ever stuck for inspiration – just sit, open your ears and eyes and absorb it in.


P.s I am also a ‘friend’ of the RA which means I can go to all their exhibits for free – its amazing. Do it.


P.p.s also check out designspiration – its like pinterest but for designers!



Pjotr: People who inspire me:


Michael Jackson – A person with a big heart who stands for unmatched cross-disciplinary talent, hard work, endless strive for innovation and perfection, electrifying entertainment and timeless sense of style to me.


Mikhail Tal – According to Wikipedia he is widely regarded as a creative genius and the best attacking player of all time, who played in a daring, combinatorial style. If you think chess is boring, check out some of his best games, they are thrilling. Apart from being a great player, he was an unordinary person. Here’s a quote from Tal’s first wife on his personality:


Misha was so ill-equipped for living… When he travelled to a tournament, he couldn’t even pack his own suitcase… He didn’t even know how to turn on the gas for cooking. If I had a headache, and there happened to be no one home but him, he would fall into a panic: “How do I make a hot-water bottle?” And when I got behind the wheel of a car, he would look at me as though I were a visitor from another planet. Of course, if he had made some effort, he could have learned all of this. But it was all boring to him. He just didn’t need to. A lot of people have said that if Tal had looked after his health, if he hadn’t led such a dissolute life… and so forth. But with people like Tal, the idea of “if only” is just absurd. He wouldn’t have been Tal then.



Mary: I’m inspired by a lot of different stuff, from architecture to advertising, so my favourite web-based place to find inspiration is definitely Pinterest – you can find almost anything on there! I also love, but that’s mostly design.


If I specifically want to look at advertising work, I love looking at the Chip Shop

Awards archive! This work is a bit, uh, untraditional, but it can certainly make you think. There’s some brilliant stuff on there – have a look!



Krista: I always feel get a bit confused when someone asks me what inspires me. There are so many things that make my heart go faster, but I can only remember a few on the spot. So when asked about my greatest inspirations, I usually go with (what seems to me) the most obvious one: the creative partnership of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. I hope to experience that with someone one day. It’s more than just friendship – it’s respect and 110% confidence in each other. If that’s not worth fighting for, I don’t know what is.



Anam: I always love referring to for information on latest technologies or new apps/platforms that are waiting to be exploited. I also love browsing through for general inspiration. 



Adeline: Here are two of the links I like to check to get inspiration:


They’re just fun 🙂



Jesse: The Wellcome Collection – a weird and wonderful museum in Euston that might not seem like it’ll provide immediate inspiration, but the huge variety of exhibits and weird artefacts in its collection often means often you’ll stumble across something that will spark a chain of thoughts leading to a big idea. You never know effect Napoleon’s toothbrush or a Javanese prayer mask will have on a brief until you find out.



Bunmi: These two material inspire me to create art and become very creative and articulate on whatever project I work on. I love both the visual and artistic approaches that they offer, plus how detailed they both are.



Sam: Book shops are always a great start for me. There’s so much knowledge, so many ideas, so many subjects, all in one space and I can spend hours browsing through various sections. I don’t necessarily read whole books while I’m there but getting through blurbs and introductions can spark different frameworks to look at an idea through and bring up awesome subject areas you didn’t even know you were interested in.



Ludo: For me travel is so important. Experiencing new places, meeting new people, and putting myself in situations that are unfamiliar sparks my imagination. Going to places with a different culture, and an alternative way of doing something gives me a refreshed perspective. Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and flip something on its head in order to see the bigger picture. Get out there, collect your dots, and find that inspiration from the environment around you.





The app ‘Niice’

Different opinions

Different culture

Science and innovation

My own idea of what the world should be like.


Lots of stuff…



Alexandra: – A gallery of global and historically successful ads to sponge creativity from. -Whatever city you’re in, a creative rut can be as easy to climb out of as literally getting out. Find a film, an event or an exhibition.



Kenny: Right, so the things that inspire me range from people to designs, to documentaries to art. This week the things that most inspired me was the company surrounding me. I’ve met 38 people with so much passion, skill, and self determination. It makes me want to keep up and stay relevant. For that, I’m pretty thankful. 


Now people are fab, but advertising is about ads and if I had to pick something that buttered my figurative parsnip, it’d be the new ads from SONOS. They’re all over the place, they’re simple and most importantly, they’re effective. 



Naomi: I love anthropology and anatomy and I find a deeper insight into what the human mind does and why is unbelievable powerful.



Daisy: We met Dave Buonaguidi of CP&B today and he was the highlight of my day. For a start, this is the first agency where the ECD has come to chat to us. Secondly, he is a consummate pro who, having set up a few of his own agencies, has come to the conclusion that he wants to work in an arsehole-free zone. Hello, future boss.



Kyle: I find inspiration is a funny thing. As soon as we have it we fly but without it we slowly stop dead in our tracks. The main thing that inspires me is story. Seeing people, places and lives all unravel in front of me gives me a buzz that makes me want to create.

Also my family inspire me a lot to always strive to do my best.






Tomo: Check out for all things pop culture. They cover sport, TV, film, tech, music and even politics but everything’s done with a witty slant packed with cultural references. Even better, subscribe to their podcasts (especially The Watch, The Bill Simmons podcast and Keepin’ it 1600). They have guests like Malcom Gladwell talking anything from politics to the Olympics. It’s a fun way of understanding things from a pop culture angle.

Also love Haiku Jam, a mobile app where users collaborate to create short poems. There are some really nice ideas and stories on it expressed so succinctly in 17 words. One for the copywriters in particular.



Jacob: Over the last few years, i’ve found myself lacking inspiration. I think it’s through years of feeling lost and constantly confused about the direction i’m going to take my life. I always thought i’d be destined to do great things, but stacking fruit and veg on a weekly basis didn’t provide me the inspiration you’d expect. it wasn’t until someone gave me a chance and a opportunity to show them what i’m capable that i was truly inspired. people giving others a chance, regardless of their background and proving that you can create your own destiny drives me to do great things. It’s unconventional, but i wouldn’t be here without out it and it’s all the inspiration i need. 





History of Advertising Trust  : Has a massive back catalogue of work celebrating and preserving the history of the industry. 


The Long + Short : A magazine focusing on innovation, new ideas and how the world is changing. Really good resource for inspiration, especially in terms of creativity and designing spaces. 




1: The Shock of the New – by Robert Hughes, everyone should read it! – It is one of the definitive guides to 20 century art and its context. 


  1. An exhibition that was on earlier in the Barbican calledStrange and Familiarand particular the work ofRineke Dijkstra and Bruce Gilden – I have the exhibition book if anyone would like to take a look at it. 


  1. The work of the artist Barbara Hepworth, I have seen her work in exhibitions everywhere and been to her old studio in Cornwall, well worth a trip if you are near! 



Orla: Well who couldn’t be inspired by this



Flavia: Eugenia Loli’s Instagram account. I think it’s very clever how Eugenia visually creates combinations between elements that normally wouldn’t fit together. Although her account doesn’t portray any type of advertisements, I think these combinations really trigger the mind to the production of new patterns and ideas, very useful in the advertising world. Spotify – Broken Back. Many times to get inspiration I listen to music. Usually music with no lyrics but I frequently often find myself listening to Broken Back’s music when working on a project. I find the lyrics to their songs to somehow facilitate the creative process. I think some of their lines are extremely spot on, simple and to the point. Adding to that, the melodies in the background, being very tropical, facilitate my mind to be more relaxed. Dr. Who (tattoo artist) account. I love the geometric shapes. It’s an account I always look up to it when designing a logo of some sort. Changing scenarios, going for walks or trying a new coffee independent shop and such Sometimes phrases people say trigger something in my mind Tumblr.



Augustine: I get the vast majority of my inspiration from books but I also like to just sit and watch non-fictional people, to invent stories for them and to eavesdrop on their conversations. Sitting alone at a café often proves fruitful. Making stuff with your hands allows the brain to roam. As does showering. You can always collect more inspiration from your friends and peers than you think; weave those idiosyncrasies into a tapestry.



Mona: I love to create with nothing. Start with a blank page. Create things that have never been seen before.


But first, I need to find resources, knowledge and INSPIRATION. 

One of the first things I have learnt at SCA is to be a squirrel and to keep my eyes open. 


Inspiration is everywhere. The best ideas comes when our mind is free. 

But It’s always good to have some resources, some tricks to be inspired. Here are my 3 favourite sources of inspiration.


  • — Ad inspiration : http://www.creativeadawards.comI love this website because it proves that we can still make spectacular print campaigns! 
  • — Design inspiration : http://designspiration.netfor me, this is the best website for design. You can just look at the visuals, or filter to have access to visual of a certain colours of search tags.


  • — Fubiz is a great website for creative news about art, design and pop culture :


  • — TRAVEL : one of my favourite source of inspiration is definitely travel. And by travel, I mean going to somewhere else than the place you usually work. It could be anywhere, a new coffee, a walk in a area you don’t usually spend time, or of course a real journey in a place you’ve never been too.




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