What a Week.@_ElliotL

First week, first reflection. Monday to Friday has been crazy, fun, different and exciting. There’s so much information to take in, and the topics we have covered so far have been really interesting.

Thursday for me was the most important day. We visited two amazing agencies, Tribal Worldwide and CP+B. It gave an insight on how over the year, you can build a portfolio based around certain agencies. Every agency is different, and you can tailor your work around how you want to creatively explore ideas, and meet the ethos of the agency.

Tribal mention how the business model has been shaped by the culture of constant progress. As a digitally focused agency, they are looking to develop technological advancements, and allow them to transcend across new ways in creativity. For me, digital experiences are the future and eventually will simplify our lives for the better. Hopefully, amazing opportunities arise, and maybe the opportunity for some book crits!

CP+B however, really caught my attention. This philosophy of being the elephant in the room, causing disruption and utilising media attention to catapult ideas really came to light during my Thursday evening. It’s important to take into consideration that being apart of ‘well known’ agencies is not always the best route to being part of some of the best projects. CP+B London is still establishing itself to be at the forefront of creativity in London, but their ability to provide staff with the opportunity for personal projects, break rules and cause a storm is very appealing.

In a real world, however, nothing is perfect! After this week I certainly know the SCA is for me, it’s a place I feel I can unconventionally learn new ways of exploring ideas and working with people who are reaching for the stars. There was something that came up as a red flag during Monday’s presentations though. Rightly or wrongly the conversation of favourite students was thrown into the mix, and how to go about being a tutor’s favourite student. In my personal opinion, I feel this wasn’t something that needed to be said. Though it was categorically emphasised that hard work beats talent and that you will develop the best relationships with the staff by working hard, I still feel that mentioning how to be a favourite could give people the wrong intentions! Again, this is my opinion. Relationships with tutors or fellow peers should be built organically, and not forced just to impress and be categorised as a ‘favourite’. That being said, I’m sure everyone can see authenticity.

To summarise though, I’ve been presented with more potential in networking and mingling within the industry than I ever did in 3 years of full-time education… all in one week!… Incredible. The school is going to present ups and downs, and previous alumni have suggested it will be a rollercoaster. But an enjoyable one at that!

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