Copy writer vs art director? @bbrice01

By Becky Brice

I’ve never read the classics
I did three art subjects at a level
I got my worst grade in English
I did an art foundation
I then went on to complete a Graphic Design degree
I struggle with spelling
My vocabulary isn’t extensive
Words don’t excite me
I worked as a graphic designer
I love painting portraits
I decorate cakes
I don’t particularly enjoy listening to poetry
I don’t understand English grammar
I’ve illustrated books
I love painting on walls
I don’t usually take any notice of lyrics, just mindlessly sing along I love to draw
I love sculpture
I love playing with clay
I love cutting and sticking
Art attack was my favorite show as a child
I like playing on a sewing machine
I have to force myself to write

So obviously I’m an art director? Well..

I struggle to visualize things from my imagination
My instinct is to write ideas down opposed to drawing I don’t live to explore art exhibitions
I struggle to make things look pretty
I don’t know how to tell a story with pictures

So what does this all mean… Which am I? Which one should I pursue?

Honestly, I’d rather be an art director, but is this because I’ve always been labeled as arty? I fitted in with the art crowd at school so followed that for as long as I can remember, and now I’m questioning it all. I now wonder whether I’m a bit of a Jack of both trades, not excelling in either. I need to pick one, and quickly, in order to ramp up my skills and leave SCA as a capable [something]. Maybe I’m just having an end of week crisis and over thinking it all. I really doubt I could write for a living, the question is can I be taught all the things I feel I struggle with. I have no idea. Apologies for rambling but this has been playing on my mind for a couple of weeks now and I’m nowhere nearer an answer, and where better to air all my pointless worries?

[Update] I’ve decided for now to park myself next to Ian as much as I can and see where that gets me. My pursuit into art direction begins.

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