Things I miss and you will too

Ok, SCA is pretty damn hard. It’s hard work. You work your butt off and you won’t see your friends that much. We’re in the thick of it with D&AD at the moment, so my life is literally just work. But Vikki Ross came and did a talk with us today, and it reminded me something I needed to hear. Advertising, as pressured as SCA can be at times, you’re working hard at having fun. And you can get away with a lot of whacky ideas as a student that you can’t in an agency. But, just to demonstrate how diligently an SCAer works, I’ll tell you all the things I miss about life that I can’t wait to see post D&AD. Manifestation is key. 

  • Uni friends

Genuinely haven’t seen my friends for months. We received a PowerPoint warning us to make peace with our friends and family before coming to SCA, to warn them you won’t be seeing them for a year. I’d take this warning very seriously, and genuinely make peace with your friends in advance. I didn’t so they’re likely very concerned. 

But it’s ok, cos SCA becomes a family in its own right. Wow, I sound sad. 

I can’t wait to stop flaking on nights out. 

  • Baking 

I hate baking, but for some reason have the desire to make myself a cake right now. I’m having a creative block, hence this SCAB. 

  • A love life

Sorry to break it to you, but your dating life will die a horrible death. 

  • Clubbing 

I need weekends to recover from the week. Your liver will thank you for it.

  • The gym 

Sorry, you’ll also likely lose your fine physique. 

  • Painting, music, poetry, art galleries, performing

What are hobbies? Wouldn’t know. 

  • Looking nice

Who has time in the morning to wake up with a decent amount of time to look put together, nicely done makeup, planned outfit. There’s a reason why students look like students – they run out of bed straight to uni. Nothing has changed with this one as we approach D&AD. I’d take an extra 10 mins in bed to maximise those 4 hours sleep finishing that deadline than a bit of mascara. You will too.

So I’ve booked myself a spa day. 

Marc has absolutely hacked the system. His wacky outfits are very much a strategic plan to create a brand for himself. He runs an advertising school after all. However, so he doesn’t have to spend time planning his outfits in advance, he has the same outfits that he cycles on repeat. Apparently Steve Jobs did the same.

So yes, I’m manifesting all of this coming back into my life after I smash out a couple of D&AD awards. It’s 2 weeks away, and I can’t wait. 


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