Matthew Mc Conaughey – “The art of living” 

I saw an ad on Instagram about Matthew Mc Conaughey having a talk live. I didn’t really read it honestly. But after 5 times I was curious enough to click on the link and go on the website. Here is what I found on it: 

“After 3 years of uncertainty and losing the opportunity to love life on your terms. This conference is about learning how to find more green lights in your lives, rather than just navigate between red and yellow lights. 

About waking your soul, your passion, your hunger. About to define your “more”. 

And it’s all happening live, one time only for 3 hours with Matthew Mc Conaughey and his powerhouse guests.” 

First I thought: “WTF 3 hours of Matthew Mc Conaughey talking! That’s way too much!” 

But then I thought: “You know what? I can just work while I’m listening to it. Maybe he’ll say interesting stuff, maybe not. It’s worth trying it, it’s free.” 

So here is what he said about “ The art of living” talk, before I got bored and cut the live to switch to a dumb TV show program. 

The 1st thing about changing ourselves is to admit why you want to change, it’s the most difficult one. Maybe you want to improve your aim, maybe you need less stuff in your life to have more, maybe you want to become a better person, maybe you want to be happier with yourself and maybe you want to love yourself more. 

Why do you want to change is the most important, because once you know that, you can just learn how to change your life to complete that stuff.

Let’s talk about illusion now. Sometimes reality is not enough and you force yourself to think about the thing that you would want. Being stuck in that false reality makes you follow a false North Star. You can think that once you’ll meet someone who can fix all your problems, illusion. You want to be a millionaire but you’re not quitting your job that you hate, or you don’t take that job that can be the 1st step to go there, illusion. 

Complacency. Sometimes we’re not ambitious enough, we’re not putting enough credit on ourselves, we’re not blaming ourselves enough about not having the success we wanted. We have to admit it. 

Our greatest strength can also be our greatest weakness. Resilience, it’s great, but too much resilience can just lead you to a stage where you can’t look backward and wonder why you have to be that resilient. If you take the time to look backward, you can just ask yourself what could you do differently to stop doing the same mistakes over and over. It can also be too pleasing. Sometimes you love so much to please people, that you forget to please yourself first, to take care of yourself as much as you should do. 

The unknown, the future… Why are we so convinced that the unknown is sooooo bad? Let’s admit that most of the time, when we find the courage to go into the unknown, it’s not that scary. A step in the unknown can mean facing our fear and that’s good because it’s like looking the « monster » right in the eyes. It will become less scary, and we’ll have the ability to go more and more in the unknown and get more comfortable in that feeling. It’s hard to face our fears, the unknown, the future, but this fear is part of the steps we have to take to complete our aim. 

Thanks for reading 

Juliette Delprat


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