What are you NOT going to miss about SCA?


By MOSH – The Intake of 2014/15


What are you NOT going to miss about SCA?


Georgia – E-cigarettes. The look, noise and smell of them.

Clarissa – Really long commute. Always getting oggled at by creeps on the tube there AND back. I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!

Lucy – Washing lazy shits’ forks.

Ed – People calling me Edward

Marcella – The lights

Frazer – Not seeing Georgia.

Nathan – The toilets. (Too many memories.)

Elin – Enigmatic.

Mawby – not being able to see through the windows.

Stephen – the pigeon feeding nutjob outside the cinema

Ash –  Chairs that squeak

Mikey – Brixton High Street

Dounia – The preacher outside Brixton station

J.T. – The ridicule

Fiona – My dares

Lawrence –  working.

Jacqui – putting in the late nights and working weekends with no pay

Soren – Ill not miss the darkness and the loudness

James – being skint

Tom manning – Ideas being diluted by committee

Rob – Trying to think of something witty to write for lame arse group scabs

Adam –  Being the smallest in the class

Charlie – SCA

Ben – The lack of love shown to me.

Nick – The LOUDNESS of the studio.


Martin – The late morning skankers.

Zoe – All the people getting up in my grill.

Joel – Monday night football.

Nina – Giving ash a dance.

Annie – The studio – I am a flower and I need sunlight 🙁

Tom Espezel – The fear and trepidation of my everyday existence.

Jeremy – Sound system…

Edwina – Marco

Marco – Edwina

Pugh – The noise and the subsequent ability to focus

Teddy – Dulling down my creativity so others won’t be intimidated.

Eytan- The lights.

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