A Trip With Charlie pt. I – By @now_pictured

By Ivan Stanojevic


A Trip With Charlie pt. I


Two Saturdays ago Charlie and I decided to go on a road trip to Drusillas Park, a Zoo near Brighton. It’s been a long term and a half and we needed to clear our minds and leave London for a day. We met at Victoria Station and caught a train from there. 


The train took a bit longer to arrive due to some delays. Anyway, Charlie and I were talking the whole train ride. Having a kind of therapy session for all the ups and downs we experienced in the last few months. We pondered on charity work and advertising and how the two mix – if at all. We wondered if it is easier to start working for a brand and then support a social cause from the brand side of the collaboration than to work for a social cause first and then try to get a brand interested. We both agreed it’s probably easier to do it from the brand side, since that way the brand is already on board. 


This had happened right after some partnerships were switched up by Marc. We both kind of agreed that you have to give your new partner your full attention. We did both recognize the fact that these partnerships very much resemble relationships. So in a way, you kind of have to break up with your old partner to fully dedicate yourself to the next person. It’s weird but true. Still, we get the chance to pair up with whoever we want after the half-term break so it’s only a temporary separation if you do not agree with it. Soon after that the train reached it’s destination.


We headed straight to Drussilas Park. We saw Emperor Tamarins (cool looking monkeys), Racoons, Capybaras, Iguanas, Wallabies, etc. While admiring the Red Pandas we talked about how the most important thing you can look for in a good partner is someone with whom you have a mutual trust. Alongside that both of you need to contribute something, otherwise, the relationship isn’t developing. I added how much of a difference it makes when your partner can use some of the Adobe programs since it eases the workload SO much and just raises the quality of the final work. 


We walked over towards the Two-Toed Sloths when we continued our talk with a debate regarding something from Term 1. One of the mentors showed us a video of a white girl, who at 18 went to Africa on a trip initially, but then ended up staying there for a while to help the children living there. Some of our classmates were debating about that girl having white saviour complex. We acknowledged and debated such white saviour moments like those seen in The Help and The Blind Side. However as we continued our talks, Charlie uttered, “If everyone is a winner, who is left to lose?” By that he meant, regardless of who it is, that’s done something nice, it’s something nice at the end of the day. So if everyone wins, who loses? 


Find out who loses in pt. 2!

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