The answer is staring you in the face – By @laurenpeters123

Lauren Peters

By Lauren Peters


The answer is staring you in the face 

GET Shoreditch Yuccies (Young Urban Creatives) who: write for counter-culture magazines about culture they despise yet are an intrinsic part of; gentrify neighbourhoods while complaining about gentrification; shoplift, but convince themselves it’s subversive because they only steal from corporate chains; partake in the ‘part-time blogger stroke full-time vegan’ scene; have 20 20 vision and a pair of empty frames; travel around on a one-gear fixie; refer to their bedrooms as ‘synth caves’; enjoy new age fun with a vintage feel; and generally speaking tend to meet people ‘before they are famous’
TO donate money to the homeless
BY demonstrating what’s in it for them
A snap so good you can’t afford not to


Phenomenal. In the short period I stood people-watching on Brick Lane (trying to figure out who was genuinely creative, who was posing as being creative and who was being creative ironically), I noticed at least 12 people walk up to Steve (homeless) and his casually-adorned dog, Russ. I mean christ. Problem-solution relevant-abruption to an absolute T. Steve had done his research, got to know his target market before proceeding to rinse each and every one of them* for an infinitesimal fraction of what they’re probably worth. 
*Given I was amidst the crowds, there really is no denying that I too am definitely, probably, at least a little bit totally Yuccie (by definition this is exactly what I am).
Get to know your audience – really, and remember to look up once in a while, the answer may just be staring you in the face.
For no other reason than to point and laugh, here are some SCA-ers with ‘the most hipster thing they’ve ever done’, starting with me:
Me – I covered an entire wall of my Bristol flat with second-hand vinyl records and Instagrammed it with the tagline ‘Statement wall #vinyl’


Krista – ‘I went to a social media conference just for the free craft beer’
Augustine – ‘I did a coffee shop tour of Melbourne using a book about coffee shops and ordered a soy latte every time’ 
Rollo – ‘I snack on Sainsbury’s organic extra-mature cheddar and dark chocolate (minimum 70% cocoa)’ 
Fenton – ‘I never tried an avocado before they were trendy’ 
Miranda – ‘I occasionally eat quinoa and cayan to boost my metabolism’ 
James – ‘I spent a year growing my tache’ 
Daisy – ‘I worked for a startup social media app in an office with ping pong tables’
Jacob – ‘I ate avocado for breakfast, lunch and dinner’
Adeline – ‘I became a vegan for three months’ 
Christine – ‘I have origami tattoos’
Robyn – ‘I worked at a start-up in Haggerston as a digital designer, wore oversized shirts, RayBans and box fresh Nikes’
Alex – ‘I had a job for 3 months where I went into restaurants and took pictures of food’
Sophie – ‘I didn’t wash my hair for 2 months to see if it would self-clean. It did. But it smelt really bad.’
Anam – ‘I once went to a lush spa’
Sam – ‘Artisan’ 
The others are in denial. 

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