Second SCAB by @susanmcfadzean

By Susan Mcfadzean



Feet up on the dashboard, seat slightly reclined, a Spotify Daily Mix of Bob Dylan on the stereo (occasionally interrupted by the google maps girl offering directions) and a half eaten ham and cheese sandwich rolling around somewhere. I am on a ‘mini’ road trip through Sverige. In a Volvo, obviously. 

My boyfriend also starts studying in September and his school is situated in a little town further North of his city Gothenburg, so, today we are heading up to collect the keys to his apartment and drop off a few essentials: mattress without a bed frame & desk but no chair. 

It’s funny. We first met six or seven years ago (omg time flys) in Australia. Fast forward four years and basically zero contact, a city break to Gothenburg saw a reunion and a friendly offer to show my twin sister and I around the city sparked a romance which is now currently almost a two year, not so easy but so so so very much worth it, long distance relationship. He makes me laugh. 

Niether me or Kim overly planned to start studies this September but sometimes things just fold out and when it feels right, it’s probably right. To an extent, I am a believer in fate but I know we also play a large part in deciding our own future. I applied to SCA twice before cancelling my scheduled phone call to Marc until suddenly one day, literally cycling to work I realised I was SO ready and got through the first application process at red lights, I was an expert at this stage by now after all.  

I suppose the point I am trying to make is, things happen for a reason. And while in this very moment I am happily cruising through the countryside, I am aware of the hurdles ahead, both personal and educational. But like I said before, you usually know when something feels right and I can’t wait until everything I learn in the next 18 months can be applied to help me jump onto the next stepping stone of my master plan (don’t ask me about the master plan, it’s a kind of work in progress, make it up as you go along kind of plan). 

Okay, sooner I post this, sooner I can start on Lateral Thinking. That one I never ordered which is probably still in the Amazon basket – I actually found it in Hatchards Bookshop in the end. 


I got my trainers back. My bike key never turned up. Lucky for me, a couple of Joiners I had gotten to know whilst at my Studio job were more than willing to help me out with an angle grinder….. my pride and joy is safe and sound back in my porch. And now I know when I buy myself a new lock not to throw away the three spare keys. Actually never to throw away spare keys for anything, ever.  

Until the next one,


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