My Little Pony – By @AroundSkadri

Adriano Sganzini

By Adriano Sganzini



My Little Pony

Marc  has asked us to watch a movie during our vacation, that we would never have watched otherwise.

I have decided not to watch a movie ,since i have seen many already. 

After a long research on what i would never have watched ,i decided to watch the cartoon  “My little pony”You will ask yourself why?Has Adriano lost it or what??

During one of my research, i discovered  a  youngsters trend( if you can call it this way?) inspired  by my littlePony,the “Bronies”!!(Bro + ponies) Thoses kids big  fans of cartoons get dressed as unicorns  and meet during conventions to celebrate their heros!

You can find everything about them on the net,like marches,feasts and even a wedding.Triggred by this i decided to watch myself one of those cartoons.

With a Cup of Milk and Honey, the fireplace lit and under the cover in my bed i started my marathon of Little ponies!

After 10 episodes all got  interrupted by me sleeping!

But what did i learn from my little Pony:

-If you have beautifull drawings any story becomes interesting.

– the theme ,once you have heard it once will stay in your head and not go out of it for at least 2 or 3 days.

-Friendship is the most important thing in life

– If you are a neard you will work for free for the Queen.

-Dont worry if you dont have the solution your girlfriend will have i for you.

-Sometimes your girlfriend can be wrong.

-The world is beautifull and full of light but to make a story  interesting  you  always have to have an enemy..

-My little pony is like a real drug….once i had seen the first two episods i was going straight to the “next” button!

-In your life ,you have to laugh about your own mistakes.

Here is what i learnt in 10 episods 22 minutes long! Imagine what you could learn in a whole serie!. 
My little  pony my little ponyyyyy

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