What a poem! By @sthomasgb

Sebastien Thomas

By Sebastien Thomas


“What a poem!” – Seb, 2015

Inspired by Deanna’s masterclass, I have written a terrible poem. It’s not funny, it barely rhymes. Don’t read it.

Another week has finished at SCA;
I’ve resorted to doing a shit poem and let me say, As the briefs pile up and work is getting harder, I’m now starting to see who I’d like as my partner.

The voting system works, I’m getting competitive, Just before the deadline, shit gets aggressive, We tried to sell a G-Shock, they’re a pile of wank, We didn’t quite crack it, and our work sank.

After a week designing our studio,
We got two days free, so off I go
To Copenhagen for a weekend,
To collect more dots and see the girlfriend.

Looking ahead the next few weeks should be fun,
Marc is only pleased when great work is done,
I warned you at the beginning, not to read any further,
You’ve wasted your time reading this poem, and that’s that really.

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