Dreams – By @FMickshik


Yesterday morning, Pete took Town Hall and asked us to tell him our dreams. Not the ‘last night I dreamed I was playing chess with Angela Merkel when my GCSE Latin teacher burst in and asked why I hadn’t conjugated my bishops’ kind, the ‘I want a brand new house on an episode of Cribs’ kind. Being put on the spot led to several of us spewing out a generalised version of ‘I wanna be well good at advertising and make really nice work and get super rich and stuff’. Myself included. And presumably had the exact effect Pete intended, to make us realise that if we don’t have specific goals written down and ready to go when asked, we’re not going to realise them. So Pete, this is for you.

To win a black pencil. A white one would be nice too. 

To have an agonising choice between agencies when 4 of my top 5 offer me a placement. Then after I do placements with them all, an even more agnosing choice when they all offer me a job.

To become a Creative Director by 35.

To start my own agency. I want it to have a reputation for work that’s so entertaining people talk about it in the rubrik of culture rather than advertising. CDP meets Marmite’s ‘Love it or Hate it’ meets the John Lewis Christmas Ad. No pressure. 

To write and perform a stand-up routine. This has been in the back of my mind for years, but by the time I’m 30, I want to stand up in front of a room of people I don’t know and lay myself bare (not literally) and make them laugh (willing to literally lay myself bare if it helps).

I don’t want to retire at 50. I want to enjoy what I do so much that they have to drag me kicking and screaming from the agency when my ideas have disintegrated into unfiltered nonsense.

To have a work-life balance while doing all of this. To keep playing sport, to get home in time to read to my kids, to continue getting better at cooking. To find the time to read, watch and do interesting things. If advertising is where culture meets sales, what will I know of advertising if I’m not immersed in culture? 

To write something entirely outside of the world of advertising. A passion project, be it a sitcom, sketch show, feature film or novel. 

To raise children who are kind, conscientious and confident. And who play sport at an international level. 

To come back to SCA as a mentor.

To retire, eventually, proud of everything I have achieved, with no worlds left to conquer. 

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