Is it Good? Or is it Great? by @zochi9

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By Zoe Jezeph


During feedback on PB4 this week, Marc had said something that i think is very important to remember and ask yourself often.


‘Is it good, or is it great?’.


There’s a pretty big difference between the two and I never want to settle for something that is just good. It’s extremely frustrating when you eventually have to present something you’re not quite happy with, knowing it could be pushed much further.


Over the past week, i’ve realised how important it is to keep the skills and techniques learnt from the very beginning alive in your mind. As time goes by (and it’s going extremely fast) it’s easy to forget a lot of the techniques that could really help explore new ideas and push them to another level. This is the time that I am grateful to reflect on our teams notes from the year. Especially when you’ve got a stack of unorganised work from the previous months and you can’t even understand your own handwriting. It’s a good feeling to be able to go back and remember the small pieces of wisdom throughout the journey so far. I’ll also be trying to make more of an effort to continue the note making.


I’m still learning how I work best, which proves quite hard when i’m not re visiting some of the techniques that could make the process a hell of a lot easier. At the same time, i’m also figuring out what techniques really do not help at all – which is equally as important. A mentor had once told me that once you’ve found the way you work best, you don’t really get any better at it, you just get faster. And I’d definitely be happier to get a good number of smp’s to explore in a decent amount of time.


I believe that having the determination to never settle for something that your not happy with will always drive you towards great things.

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