By Aleksandra Atanasovski



For me it’s not only advertising, this school is more than just a place where I go every day to learn. Since I started SCA, I learnt so much about me, about my personality, what should I improve, what should I prove to people. When I decided to come to England, I knew that it was not just to find a job, but to become someone better. This week I started to write things in my self-journal and I just wanted to share with you guys how I can feel different in just five days, maybe because I want to give the best of myself every day, and the problem is that sometimes I just suffer so much trying to find the best idea.

Monday 28th January – 9:32 pm

I don’t know what to write!!! I’m just happy to have worked with Lucy. I’m actually at the top of my happiness. I was proud of us. I think it was the first time I was so proud of myself. I just hope that this motivation I’ve found doesn’t damped down because I really want to keep this rhythm and find something amazing for the next brief.

Tuesday 29th January – 7:42 pm

During Alex’s Masterclass today, she explained how this job is a passion, you have to be motivated every day and create ideas because you love it. Every single word touched me. Because I realised that it was the only thing that makes me excited in life. Come with something new, change the perceptions, tell a story. Make people laugh. I love it. 

Wednesday 30th January – 6:08 pm

Fuck this day!!!!!!! One of my biggest problem is that I have a tendency to spend hours on tiny details. The tiny things that people don’t even pay attention too. Spend hours on craft. And if there is no time for sleeping it doesn’t matter. But I know that this is the wrong thing to do. I know that what I should be doing is focusing on how to make the best idea I can. The simpler, the better it will be. But be better every week it’s one of the biggest challenges for me this year. Coming up with revolutionary ideas every 7 days… but it’s why it makes it interesting.

Thursday 31st January – 10:30 pm

Hello myself. I just finished to have a conversation with my dad and he just tried to make me feel less stressed. To be fair I’m never really proud of me because I think that my parents have educated me with the mentality of «you can always do better». So, I found the conversation a little bit contradictory. Because I’ve always shown good grades to my dad, and he was always there to tell me « next time try to do better ». I think that the main goal was to make me think that I can always try to reach the perfection. But anyway, today was a looooooong day, Holly and I found an interesting idea, something in what we believe in.

Friday 1st February – 7:30 am

Last day of the week, and how to explain you that I feel better…. But exhausted, I just can’t believe that we found our idea yesterday, and we just love it. I already started the video yesterday, but I know that again, all my mornings going to be awful… I just realised as well that all my week was an emotional rollercoaster, one day I just felt that I was useless, and the second one I was proud. WTF.

So yeah as you can see… it’s not only advertising, it’s a way of life.

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