It could have been the last one – By @ggflrs

By Gémina Gil Flores


It could have been the last one

Two weeks before Christmas. I have to admit that I can’t wait.
Day after day, the course is getting more intense, the weather is getting colder, and my energy is going down. I need a break to rest, empty my mind and set my goals for next year. Because it will probably be the most important year of my life, at least the most decisive.

I don’t realise yet that in July I’ll be ready. Ready to infiltrate the industry, spread my art direction everywhere, take decisions, assume my choices, sell my ideas. Ready to change the world. Even if I know that the journey is still long and ambitious, it is what I want the most and I will do everything to make it happen.

Term 1 is close to its end so this SCAB is a good occasion to do balance sheet on what happened during those weeks. First, it could have been my last SCAB. It was supposed to be my last SCAB. Because when I first cross the door of the church, on Tuesday 11, September, I was far to imagine that this place will become my home for a year. I was supposed to spend only 4 month here, take what I can and then leave. Continue the journey alone through the ad world, trying to reach my goals on my own. But, who will just take a small part of an amazingly big and delicious cake ? Who will leave the cinema after 20 minutes of a movie ? Who would turn around just before getting on the plane ?

I want all the cake. I want to know if they will avoid the iceberg. I want to reach the destination. I couldn’t leave after seeing all the opportunities that I would have by staying here.

But before thinking of staying at SCA and believing that I had the potential to do it, I went through moments of doubt. I will always remember the first weeks, the first briefs, the first discussions with english people (in fact we can’t really call that “discussions” it was more me saying “yes” without understanding anything). I really experienced the language barrier as a frustration, but fortunately I quickly improved with time.

In the mean time, I had doubt on my potential to be there. I let myself being convinced by some people who said that the French was there only to make things look pretty. I started thinking “am I just a graphic designer ? Can I come with ideas ?”. Again, that quickly left my mind, simply by working hard to bring thinking on everything I do and by following all the creative techniques we learn everyday.

I have learned so much during those weeks. Things that have changed my vision of advertising. Among the most striking things: advertising is bringing solution to a problem. What is not different will not be noticed. Challenge every brief. Strategy is essential. Be bold. Make things happen.

Can’t wait to learn more. But after Christmas please. Gem ?

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