Observations over Christmas – By @BeaaaBergman

Bea Bergman

By Bea Bergman


Observations over Christmas


First of all, I hope all scab readers had a lovely Christmas. Mine has been fantastic so far, and in this writing moment I’m resting my eyes on a snow covered garden. My first snow since Christmas 2012.
I was just about to get used to the thought of global warming and a Christmas without snow when I hear my mum screaming this morning ‘wake up and look out the window’. Oh the joy!

It’s amazing how it still excites me when the snow starts falling down, especially baring in mind the amount of times it has caused me pain growing up.
As my dad and dog arrives home from their hunting trip, also excited by the snow that I learnt apparently is beneficial for hunting. This new found knowledge that at first seemed incredibly irrelevant, got me thinking. Over the past week I’ve collected observations in human behaviours at 3 different occasions. Putting the puzzle pieces together it became clear what I had really been watching. So I will try to explain what I did for my observations.

Human behaviour is a long time fascination of mine, and on our Christmas party I was not late to try out a new theory.
I had found out a juicy bit of gossip about someone and simply had to try out my theory. The person affected responded incredibly fast. Amazing I thought as I woke up with a head ache the next day.

Just to clarify for anyone having a conversation with me on the night of the SCA Christmas party; do not worry it wasn’t you, this person was informed of my theory being tested on them.
When on the flight to Sweden I thought if there was anyway I could carry on my theory but hit a dead end.

Which brings me to Christmas Day, the day the swedes go out to party after celebrating with their families on the 24th. Me and my friends from home were going out to the bar we used to go to when young and just turned 18. I had been excited for this event for a very long time and it’s great to see that all of us have grown up even better people with even higher ambitions than our 18 year old selves.

I took a moment thinking back of myself being a really moody young girl with a serious attitude issue and the rarest smile in town. I decided to try the opposite to see if I could see a difference in the behaviours of strangers around me.
I put on a big smile and went out with the mission only to speak of positive things and never stop smiling.
Before the beers started getting to me, it was really amazing to see how my experience changed the more I smiled. Which in turn led to me smiling even more.
The next day my mum and dad felt the urgent need to spend money so we went to the largest shopping centre in my home city. I found my self an audience seat and a filter coffee and started to observe the people around me. To my surprise it was nothing like I imagined it to be.
Later I found myself with 3 observations that really didn’t make any sense to me.
So what’s the point of my observations during this holiday season and why did I do it?
I observe because I’m curious, I observe because I learn things about people and how they work and I observe because I’m being observed.
Unless you’re an explorer in life, you’ll never find anything interesting.
These particular observations didn’t really make sense to me until after the conversation with my dad about snow being good for hunting. Which really explains the point of you won’t know what you need until you need it.
So get out there, observe, collect unnecessary facts and talk about irrelevant things – because you never know when you might need it to help you make sense of something you’re actually interested in.

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