Would I cheat on Tarun with you? – By @cutemagicalstar

By Rachel Ogbaretin

Would I cheat on Tarun with you?

As much as I like working with Tarun, annoying him has also become my side hustle, hence  this scab. Of course I am a loyal art director so I would never cheat on him but still it’s fun to know. 

Would I cheat on my favourite 420 boi with you? Come and find out. 

Forest: On and off affair, only on slow weeks. 

Leli: Yes. 

Tom: Gosh the drama of roommates working with the same partner behind each other’s backs…the tea. 

Andy: I think both me and Tarun would cheat on each other with Andy. it’s a poly mess with this one. 

Victoria: Who said we aren’t already working being his back. 

Mary: I wouldn’t want to bring drama to her. 

Marta: We are already cheating on Tarun, he just to scared to confront her. 

Tarun: I would never cheat on Tarun with his evil twin…Taran. 

Dj: Tried that, didn’t work. 

Joise: Could be spicy but would need some twists like we both got drunk and made a list of SMPs before a full blown affair.

Maddy: she has her own Tarun…so no 

Ruby: Gosh imagine finding out your partner had a sugar-copywriter on the side…the drama 

Zoe: When I tell my bae I want to get into cream but didn’t mention with them. 

Antonio: Too obvious, Tarun would see it from a mile away. 

Max: More drama for the household, of course. 

Alex t: He is the wildcard. 

Alex b: God running back to the ex… spicy. 

Dan: Tarun respects him and I can start drama from that. 

Jacob: Accidentally made a well developed campaign in Vegas, with slight regret. 

Karlina: The scandal would be too good.  

Phil: Too complicated to keep it secret. 

Sophie: Would we survive under the guilt… wouldn’t take my chances.

Joe r: Never cheats because he’s a good boy.

Coco: Wouldn’t cheat on Leli with me.

Aleks: Only for one SMP at that one party. 

Germina: Only in my dreams. 

Charles: Only for a one day brief stand but filled with passion. 

Patxi: Cheating on Tarun with Patxi is like a house wife running away with her spanish lover. 

Holly: Sometimes I wonder what’s it like to talk about type and not have a blank stare back but I know it’s not meant to be. 

Joe f: I fear alex…so no.   

Lauren: She needs more than a cheap affair. 

Lucy: Might not be able to handle me for one. 

Dean: Not ready for the drama. 

Sapphire: She doesn’t need me. 

Jemma: And feel Gem’s wraith, no thanks. 

Alfie: Too chilled, basically cheating with Tarun 2.0 

Joe b: He’s has is own Rachel. 

Rachel: She seems too lame for me.  

Special mentions to Tarun’s cool mom, who I will happily cheat on Tarun with.

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