What we learnt from MT Rainey

By John – The SCA Intake of 2017/18



What we learnt from MT Rainey


Philly: Keep a journal.


Holly: Strategy is a route to an objective


Holly: Have a proposition that’s creative


Darius: Strategy is an approach to reach the end


Helena: Put an idea in the brief


Henry: I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I’m not


Dan: It’d be cool if I was known by my initials


Sara: Go beyond what is intuitively obvious


Jem: Make friends with the planners, be a team, work together.


Jonothan: Be sure of yourself. And use your ears.


Becky: Steve Jobs – Scary but thrilling.


Poppy: Advertising starts careers and movements that you wouldn’t expect.


Kate Moss’ first modelling job was for Neutrogena when she was 16 years old. And MT Rainey approved her casting.


Petra: If you always keep the human perspective, you don’t have to go far to figure things out.


Susie: Present ideas with conviction.


Twyla: I unfortunately missed this masterclass but I learned a lot from reading all of the above.


James: what a great lady! Some really lovely stories of her life as a planner. Fight for what you believe in.


Meg: Steve Jobs was a massive promoter of women in jobs that were often viewed as ‘male’. He had no bias in people, he just wanted to work with the best minds. He was also scary and enthusiastic in equal measure.


Nick: Fetishize ideas.


Steve: Put meat into everything you write.


Ben: we are all entitled to have a “did this did that” syndrome and wear it with pride the day we can reflect on our careers. So it was entirely humbling to see MT reflect on the pieces of work and tell us the true stories of getting approval, in a time when even being a woman in her position was ‘surprising’.


Christian: Don’t get distracted by all the ways you could do it, just choose a route.


Rachel: Conviction is key.


Gnome: The best creatives are too hard on themselves.


Joe: “strategy is just a route to an objective” – thought MT summed up strat pretty well.


Zoe: Take any opportunity to work abroad.  


Helena: The tightest brief is the most liberating brief.




Gary: Try to write your proposition as little generic as possible


Melina: Find something you believe in and stand behind it.


Martin: Brand consistency is questionable. It will change, how brands communicate according to the target audience.

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