What if?

So many concerns. It’s almost a year ago I got the unreal news about that I, Christine, was accepted to the best ad-school in the world. I couldn’t afford it at that time, but luckily I secured my place for the next year and did everything I could to make it possible to go; I got my last education shortened down from 4 years to 2 years and got the exam, and at the same time I worked full time as a junior Art Director AND as a cleaning-something-lady in the weekends.. Whatever it takes.. And now – now the loooong year that felt like forever is just around the corner. 

Now all the concerns come.

I have to leave Denmark – where everybody I care about live, everything I own is and where I have build up everything that makes me who I am through the last 24 years.

And then all the practical shit comes. Where am I going to live in London? Who are my classmates? Are any of them ever going to get my danish weird humor? How am I ever going to read 8 books in English where I have to look up so many words I don’t understand? Ugh and – will I understand all of the speaks, briefs and other important stuff I pay 150.000 DKK to learn? What if I won’t feel challenged enough?

What if, what if, what if… it’s not negative concerns. Maybe it’s pre-exitement concerns…  Maybe it’s pretty normal and quite healthy for me and my little comfort bubble. I need this – because I really want this; To be a future star of advertising sparkling together with (I’m sure) the best classmates ever and the best 1,5 year of my life with endless inspiring experiences. 

I can only be better then I am now..(also at english). 
I have nothing to lose and I’m not afraid of losing. Because that’s when you get challenged and learn the most… right?

So I can’t wait to be even more concerned then I am now and lose more than ever. 

Or maybe win more than ever? What if I just think too much?

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