All you need is a bit of SWAG – By @Bumzberry1

By Bunmi Akinwale


All you need is a bit of SWAG

What do I stand for?

Now that’s a question I’ve been trying to figure out. 

A Little bird told 30 plus of us that great work is a combination of purpose (obviously) but also your own personal ‘swag’. Now, I’ve heard this time and time again but I didn’t really understand, how a person inflects personality unto advertising work especially since it’s a brand that isn’t theirs.

When doing the portfolio briefs I’ve been focused more on figuring out answers to the brief or attempted to twist the brief (we could do that, we’re students). But I had lost track of putting my personality and belief into a brief, I hadn’t imprinted myself unto the outcome of the execution. 

‘But how can you implement  beliefs and moral unto an audience who maybe doesn’t see things the way you do?’ you ask. Well that’s what I was thinking until a student asked and the answer was ‘research’ and ‘why not’. Whoever the audience may be, ask for their opinion on the direction your trying to take. But there’s also no harm in putting your own spice, herbs and sauce into the work because that’s what makes it stand out. It’s more absorbing and engaging when work is produced from an angle or view that many others haven’t seen before. Once a perceptive has changed it automatically influences change.

Are you more likely to stop and look at something that you’ve seen many time before and fixated, or a perceptive that you haven’t anticipated or is lateral? 

By putting your personality into your work it allows you to connect more to it, as well as you tend to push it further to deliver what you want to communicate. Bringing swag to you work enables great work, it’s what makes you the creative that you are which sets you apart from the others and subsequently allows advertising to become more interesting.

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