Is everything ruined? – By @marleygam

By Marley Muirhead


Is everything ruined?


Hey friends, welcome back to another sneak peek into my brain. So the hot topic at the moment is obviously everyone’s favourite virus: corona. Naturally, I am a bit concerned about it. Though that only happened today. One of our classmates had a worrying experience with 111 when she thought she was showing symptoms (she’s not got the virus, no need to worry). She told us just how bad the miscommunication was between the NHS and between 111, and how they instructed her to go to the doctor even though that is not the correct protocol. What worried me about it is just how out of control it seemed. Also, how much of a crisis it might actually become in the next few months. I’m not too concerned for myself. Of course the virus poses a genuine threat to my health and all. But what worries me is that I live with my Nan who, in this circumstance, is a vulnerable person. In that sense there’s an added pressure to look after myself. So it’s for my Nan and not so much myself that I pray I’m able to avoid catching the virus.


Now we move on to school. As with all places of work there’s the chance our school will have to close to stop the spread of the virus. If I’m honest that makes me a bit nervous. I wonder how I’ll be able to cope if that does have to happen and if I’ll make as much progress with the school shut. I worked out a couple of weeks ago that as of next week there are only four months left at the school. It feels like there is so much to achieve in that time. I really want to have a better footing in my craft, my confidence and my career path. It’s always important to remember that SCA is some of the first steps in your career. Of course some people have done degrees before this that trickle nicely into the advertising industry. Plus, arguably, anything you’ve done up until this point has been preparation for your creative career: everything you’ve absorbed matters. But whilst I think it’s super important to make the most of this opportunity because it is a privilege and it is a blessing, your time at SCA does not define your career. That’s one of the things I have to remind myself to stop ye olde mental health falling into disarray. In any case, I want to make sure I’m making the most of it. I don’t want to leave this school with regret. And I’m nervous about how the corona virus might impact my ability to do that.


So there we have it. Corona poses a threat to my personal life. Corona poses a threat to my professional life. But I suppose the only thing you can do in this case is take the precautions that you are able to. (Not a mask, the masks are stupid).


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