“If a stone falls into a bowl of honey, it simply sinks to the bottom”.

My dad, or ‘Baba’ as I affectionately call him, would often say this. It neatly illustrates how after breaking the surface, the honey consumes the stone and resettles. He would say this to illuminate how we struggle inwardly with our challenges. Explaining how it is our higher, honey like qualities, that help us to overcome obstacles. 

As a young student facing my eleven-plus exams or GCSE’s and A-levels, I never really found the metaphor useful. But second time round in school, it really resonates.

As we face the gauntlet of our D&AD case study videos, our SCA journey has that honey quality about it. You have to let the distractions, negative thoughts and bad habits, sink to the bottom of your creative honey pot. Marc’s insistence on developing good habits, disciplining yourself with boundaries and focussing your energies, it all starts coming together. These practises draw down what holds you back and allow your sweet honey nature to rise to the top.

My Baba never really shared much sage schooling advice, but he had a cracking playlist of Persian music. And it just this week occurred to me, that one of my favourite songs that he played during my school days was called ‘Asal’.

Asalis the word for honey in Persian, and Arabic. The song is a golden oldie from my dad’s era of music. I’ve attached the video from the artist, Davood Behboodi. He rocked a mullet in the early eighties. My dad still does. I’ve translated the lyrics. It kind of amazes me that for a cheesy pop song, the lyrics feel like they could have been written by a troubadour in the Middle Ages.

 Asal – an ode to honey…


دوستت دارم می دونی، تا وقتی مهربونی

این قصه رو می تونی، از تو چشام بخونی

یه عمریه باهاتم، عاشق یک نگاتم

میون صد تا عاشق، در به در و فداتم

تو نور این چشامی، خنده ی رو لبامی

دنیا خیلی قشنگه، وقتی که تو باهامی

تو قحطیِ محبّت، دادی به عشقم عادت

رو بال مهربونی، رفتم تا بی نهایت

تو اوج آسمون ها، دارم ز تو حکایت

تو قحطی محبت، دادی به عشقم عادت

رو بال مهربونی، رفتم تا بی نهایت

تو اوج آسمون ها، دارم ز تو حکایت 


Know that I love you

As long as you remain kind

You can read this story from my eyes

I’ve spent a lifetime with you

And love even a single glance from you

Among a hundred lovers, I’m your bewildered devotee

You’re the light of my eyes

You’re the smile on my lips

The world is so beautiful, when you’re beside me.

After the famine of kindness, I became addicted to your love

I soared to infinity, upon the wings of your compassion,

At the peak of the heavens, I have your tale to tell.

Honey, the colour of your eyes

Honey the taste of your lips

Your name so sweet, let’s call that Honey too.


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