Sero Sed Serio – By @mazzystar81

By Mary Kerr

Sero Sed Serio

I’ve always been a late starter. I do arrive at the game, just sometimes a little late. I am a Kerr and the Kerr clans motto is ‘Sero Sed Serio’ meaning ‘Late But In Earnest’ so it’s in my blood. I therefore have faith that in my earnest I will at some point this term glide into the familiarity and ease with which Marc has often described as ‘hitting your stride.’ I’m not there yet and that’s ok.

I just need to let go of the spin I get into. Marc gave us each a bookmark with a quote specific to us written upon it. My quote was “Afraid to even look at the sky the birds of a cage do seldom fly.” I do spin out a little in my cage but am I afraid to look at the sky? At first I interpreted my quote as The bird that is too scared to fly (succeed) never leaves the cage and I made my reflection slide accordingly. Damn right I don’t want to leave my cage – flying can be scary and if you fly too high people just want shoot you down. I photoshopped a dead bird onto a tiny coffin whilst me as a different bird flapped around with a power drill adding more bolts to the door of my cage. I will stay in my little cage thank you because if I do begin to fly and I fall to the ground – then what will I do? I will have no where left to go.

Yesterday, in response to a question I asked, Vikki responded – ‘Just enjoy it.’ ‘Do I not look like I am enjoying it?!” I asked like a maniac. ‘No’ she laughed ‘get out and have some fun.’ I realised that my quote may actually be more about just leaving the cage and checking out my surroundings, before even attempting to fly. The message was don’t hide away trying to find the answers to everything, get out there and connect to the energy of something bigger. Have faith and trust in those who have gone before. Once you’ve connected to the wind then maybe you can fly. So I’ve just gotta keep the faith. Open my cage door, lay down the power drill and shut down the laptop. Feel the air and in my own time spread my wings. And whilst I’m at it, have some fun. I don’t know when it will happen but I have faith it will. 

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