Things I’ve learned on placement at M&C Saatchi PR – By @rolloskinner

By Rollo Skinner



Things I’ve learned on placement at M&C Saatchi PR


Day 1 :


  • Pitch a lot of ideas to your CD. You never know which ones will spark something.
  • Being able to get your idea Mac-ed up in a deck to sell the idea is essential. If it’s not clear the idea will struggle to go further.
  • All those Metro briefs have really come in handy.
  • As Sophie said, working on something that could go live is extremely exciting.
  • Offices are quieter than school. It’s quite a different environment. It helps to have no distractions.
  • PR is not what I thought it was. It’s not the schmoozy schmoozy world I pictured, but a highly creative and innovative industry. A lot of the campaigns I love are actually PR ideas. At school we have a misperception of what PR really is.


Day 2:


  • Scamping in the morning on other briefs loosens you up. It gets you practising the techniques which are vital to push out ideas quickly.  
  • We’re not used to such quick turnarounds. Brief given in the morning, ideas, by lunchtime and a deck made by the end of the day.
  • Research needs to be smart. Focused and quick, to give time for creative solutions.
  • 6 hat is flipping useful when moving at pace.
  • Pitch everything. No matter how poor the idea. Who knows where the Creative Director will take it? Nathan developed our weaker ideas to make them the strongest.
  • Start with quantity. Then reduce them down and develop the strongest ideas.


Day 3


  • There isn’t time to be a perfectionist Get everything done then perfect it. But don’t perfect as you go. It’ll take too long.
  • We should be experts on the campaigns in our portfolio, whether they’re ours or not. Know how to sell your partner’s ideas, who knows when you might have a book crit alone.  
  • Always do extra. Always give more than is expected. Because no one is impressed by merely meeting expectations.




  • Don’t dwell. If something’s not working – change course. It should flow. Don’t get stuck in a rut, because in the real world a rut means slowing down, and time isn’t a liberty you have.


  • The reality of school is, if we have 3 weeks to do something, we take 3 weeks. But often the ideas are no better than the Metro briefs.
  • Don’t work to the deadline. Work a week ahead. See what happens.


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