LITTLE THINGS THAT MADE ME HAPPY TODAY (in order) – By @victorialeed

By Victoria D’Andrea




I will admit one thing. I did not last long following that 5-minute diary Marc gave us.

I did my best, and 4 days in I was totally in it. It really made me realise the small things that happen and that I tend to forget about in the evening.


This week has been quite stressful somehow and the whole studio is feeling it. Maybe it’s all the new coupling, maybe it’s just the realisation that the days are rolling by and we are

nowhere as good as we imagined we’d be at this point.


So, to remind myself that it’s not time to throw in the towel just yet, I thought I’d try and retrace my day with all the things that made me happy today. That’s right, you lucky folks get, for one day only, an insight into the things that make me happy.


Do with that information what you will.


  1. Getting to my tube station before the huge morning rush;
  2. Snacks I’ve been offered today, i.e. a biscuit from Ruby, a cookie from Holly and cauliflower nuggets from Zelda
  3. Glass noodles that make any meal look impressive;
  4. Fake chicken from Iceland;
  5. Something Mike said today – I think;
  6. Mike in general is super helpful and a great mentor;
  8. Using the above for Friday’s brief;
  9. At the same time painful and for that same reason worthy.
  10. In general, they are just amazing places. It’s incredible to think they are a modern invention.
  11. Being exited in general to try and shoot Friday’s brief, whether it works out or not
  12. Friends that buy you chocolate eggs, meaning I’ve never had an eggless Easter (and hopefully never will);
  13. Friends with completely different jobs than me, telling me wild stories of what for them is everyday life.
  14. Clean windows;
  15. Lies about how much I care about clean windows;
  16. Carl being so happy about how well he’s cleaned my windows;
  17. Having a nap at 8 pm is probably the best idea I’ve had in a long time.
  18. Carl spraying window cleaner all over himself;
  19. Ruby’s terrible suggestions for a SCAB;
  20. Writing lists instead of a proper SCAB (life hack);
  21. Laughing at the Oh Yeah song again with my housemates.
  22. SNL skits.
  23. Running this SCAB in Grammarly and no mistakes coming up (if you find one, it’s fine. I don’t need to know.)


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