Reflection for the Week @_ElliotL

By Elliot Lee 

This week has been a bit mad. Though we’re not even touching the workload that is expected off everyone towards the start of term 2 and 3, the pressure has mounted. Working in groups of 4 and 5’s is difficult when working on a variation of briefs. Not so much who you are individually working with, but more so time managing in order to produce the best work you possibly can.

For me, watching everyone’s folk music work really demonstrated the level of talent that seeps out of the intake I am part of. What I have come to recognize is that it’s important to learn from everyone around you.  It’s also became obvious that to learn, you accept that everyone from your peers, mentors, and associates are better than you. It sounds backward, but Quentin Tarantino’s analogy works perfectly for what I’m trying to describe.

If you run the 100-yard dash with people that can’t run as fast as you, yeah, you’ll win hands down. You know that. But if you run with people much faster than you, yeah, you might come in last every single time, but your time will be better.

Finding the right balance of listening to other people’s ideas and bringing your vision to life is the only way you can grow. Find how you creatively work and constantly reinvent yourself and your art.

This school is where I want to be. However I would be telling a lie if I don’t mention at first, it crossed my mind whether I was in the right place or not. What helped my conclusion is talent and support. The school certainly contains both.

This year is only going to get more exciting. As many of the mentors have mentioned, now is the time to make yourself uncomfortable, and go out there and truly believe in the things you make.

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