3 weeks In

I like to walk and talk/think, so I was literally on a run when thinking of ideas to write for my SCAB. Somewhat ironically the feeling that I was having while on the run encapsulates what I’m feeling now on my “Creative journey” and that is a bit breathless.

Breathless in running between work and school, feeling slightly behind and thinking about that lesson on time management. Which I thought I got but apparently didn’t, because my management is still not the best.

Breathless because we have done a few group projects now and I get continually inspired by the skills and talent on display. A really talented and funny bunch all trying to figure themselves out, same as me. With every iteration of work you can visually see the improvements in confidence and skill. So I’m hoping that one day soon I’ll be able to see that in myself. Marc says to focus on quantity first, the literal opposite of what life has been telling me since birth but hey, we move.

This journey is a marathon though, and I’m seeing this stage as my personal training montage as I learn how to use my creative muscles. So all of my flops in wordsmithing, in scamping, in illustrating are all happening in the part before montage music hits that peak and you start seeing creative excellence.

That’s all I can say for now, 3 weeks in, just a few more months to go 😀

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