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Eytan Smith






By Eytan Smith


The Rocky Horror Picture Show. What. A. Film. It’s all about an extra-terrestrial transvestite who takes a couple of newly wed squares on a trip into the outrageous and fantastical. A musical number that disorientates titillates and sexually frustrates the viewer.


I reckon Marc loves it: it’s playful.


Marc and I don’t have much in common when it comes to taste. My wardrobe is a mix of Banana Republic and Rocket Vintage, whilst his is centred on his outrageous print trousers. Marc loves a dirty joke, especially one that will leave you spasmodically indignant. My kind of comedy is more ‘AbFab’.


But then again, I have to agree with Marc when he told us that MOSH could be far more playful than we currently are.

Einstein said that creativity is intelligence having fun. Without a doubt, MOSH is the most intelligent group of people I have ever had the honour of being part of. But we clearly aren’t having as much fun as we could be, which then leads me to question if we aren’t doing our best creative work because, like Einstein said: it takes fun to be creative.


I think this week I will be coming in early and leaving late as usual, but I will use my extra office time more mischievous. I’m going to be more Marc. More Dr Frank-n-Furter. More Playful.

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