Let’s get things moving again – By @maxatyler

By Max Tyler


Let’s get things moving again

Coming back to SCA after Christmas felt like revisiting a dream I had where I was stuck inside a church and told to work for very long periods at a time, in the dream my mind felt weaker than normal and drained of happiness and normality.

It turns out this wasn’t a dream, but it was just how I felt at the end of term one. I was really ready to break up for Christmas and use the time to regain what I had deprived my brain of in the months leading up to our final PB. Christmas really let me recharge and find another supply of motivation to get me through the next term.

I feel for me that term one was a lot about me finding my creative flow and learning what good work entails. I feel now coming back from a break I’m able to carry that through and really work on refining my working process. Time management is now always at the forefront of my mind and It is going to play a big role in my life now inside and outside of school. I wasn’t able to do the things I enjoyed doing coming up to the end of last term and I think this affected how much natural happiness I had inside me. I need to make sure I’m doing what I love so that I can carry that passion through into my work.

Coming up to the last few briefs we received before Christmas it was clear to the class was progressing together, the ideas were getting stronger and we are all able to communicate with each other when good work is being made and the thinking behind our ideas was really on point. I’m excited to see this growth again in this term and I feel the bar is going to be raised at a much faster pace now we know we can do it. The partnering up thing is really helping show peoples ambition and how seriously they take themselves, as time is a lot more precious than it was before. We are realising that every brief is an opportunity to make something great and we are seeing how being with the right person can help that. Working with different people on every brief in term one helped me learn the best way I work. I now know that you can talk an idea to death, and you can also run out of steam If you don’t bring different things to the table when you meet up. People are developing and I can tell it’s going to be a very busy/emotional term.

After one week back, the class is flowing again, first week was a chance for everyone to wake up after a relaxed Christmas break. Now it’s full steam ahead.

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