This memory came back to me in a feverish dream

Sam Markham






By @13samuels


The headlights shone into the endless summer night. I had been driving for what felt like days,in reality it was just hours. I had delayed my departure because some other worldly hand had been constricting time and space into a gilded prison and there was that feeling of someone choking my heart that usually accompanies leaving the one you love. But you can t escape time once you decide to invite it back in and I knew there was no choice, reality and earthly commitments heckled from the sidelines.
The crunch underfoot was deafening. I slammed the door shut, there was nothing more to say, just my breath and heart beat echoing in the car, gravity was pulling me down the mountain .
The road was empty, nothing and nobody for miles just lonely space. I turned the radio on, the orange light underscoring the moon light on the dashboard, just static played.
My eyelids drooped slightly so I cracked the window to let the cool summer air wash over my face.
Something broke my dream and my eyes darted to my rear view mirror. Lights fast approaching bearing down like a ghost in a dream.
Before I was wholly aware it was behind me, two giant headlights throwing my silhouette on the road ahead. A sky scraper of a vehicle going some where fast and travelling in a different dimension, at least from where I wanted to be. He pulled level and passed, his red tail lights trailing off into the future. I returned to my static dream and warm summer breeze. Hours passed and the static turned into generic country songs and back again, I had forgotten about the pain of leaving I was lost in the motion.
Two red eyes started blinking up ahead disturbing my dreamy consciousness . They grew as I approached and I saw the giant dragon felled in my path. I stopped. Steam and fire breathing. Gasoline and smoke.
I got out and approached with care, holding my hands out as though I was walking on some precarious mountain pass my eyes wide and a hissing and a hum. There were creates scattered all over the road and just as my thoughts presented me with the notion of a driver a shape darted out of the smoke screaming
” Bees! Fucking Bees! ”
And grabbed me by the shirt. A delirious mad man and I staring at each other on a lonely moon lit highway. His eyes came into focus and locked on to mine.
” You don t understand ! Those creates are full of millions of bees and if they escape we re fucking dead! ”
I laughed so he threw me to the side and started furiously checking each create . I snapped out of the shock and realised he was not an apparition and this was all happening. I ran after, speeding round to each create with just one large buzzing in my head. He came storming back sweat dripping from his face and grabbed me by the shoulders
” We re fine! It s going to be ok! Fuck!”
He exhaled deeply and put his hands on his hips
” Gotta smoke?”
He asked .

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