Two Weeks Baby – By @marleymwrites

Two Weeks Baby

Hey friends! We have two weeks off from today. And I could not be more excited. Let me explain why. SCA went online on the 17th of March and since then we have essentially worked non stop online. When I look back at it I’m so chuffed of what myself, my classmates and this school have achieved. It’s insane. So for me, this break isn’t just about being excited to have some time off. (I mean a hell of a lot of it is that, I was limping through this last week). Butttt one of the things I feel I’ve missed out on by being so busy is the moment of stillness many in our nation are having right now. Of course that comes with redundancies, pay cuts, separation from loved ones. It’s a thin silver lining. But it’s one I really want to surf for a little while. So this week here are some things I’m going to think about and do.

  1. Nothing. Abso-fuckin-lutely nothing. I’m going to force myself to be bored and enjoy that.
  2. Drag my friends out of the house. Weirdly I feel I haven’t been able to catch up with people as much. I’ve had a few video calls but I am yet to have a socially distanced picnic and I refuse not to have one while this lockdown lasts. Also, I can tell some of my friends just need a friend right now. It’s been nagging away at my mind not being able to be as present for them when I know they’re going through stuff.
  3. Question whether or not I should dye my hair. My hair is pretty big. If you know you know. This picture above doesn’t do it justice; that’s a braid-out so it’s not my hair’s natural curl pattern. Anywho, I have been wondering whether or not to dye some of it. But in case I’m not feeling that brave, I’m going to see if my hairdresser is open and if that’s safe.
  4. On that note, catch up with the lockdown rules. Honestly I’ve been in my little huddle with my work, I don’t even know what is or isn’t allowed at the moment. We could’ve been locked inside, I wouldn’t have noticed.
  5. Dress up. Whether it’s to stay in or out, I’m getting fancy for something. Even if it’s Tesco, I will be wearing some of the heels I’ve impulsively bought. Catch me in the fruit and veg aisle. Gonna be a whole aesthetic.
  6. Work! I know, that wasn’t part of the deal was it? But I actually want to get my ducks in a row for the final four weeks of the school. I want to honestly leave this year with a bang, whatever that might be for me. Doesn’t have to be the expected. I can’t control what’s going to happen with placements, I might not have the bestest mc’best book in the world. But trust and believe it’s going to be the best I can do. Every itty bit of my soul is going into that. No ragrets. (Watch We’re The Millers).

So see you in two weeks friends, for what I think might be my last SCAB! Ahh crazy times xx

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