Collecting Dots – Saturday in London

This journey begins with a musical, the Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Weber. I didn’t know anything about Phantom of the Opera either on the play or on the movie and now I want to discover both. The costumes were amazing and because it’s the story of theatre’s comedians there are the costumes of their own character but also those from their roles on the different musicals they are working on. Costumes from different times, different cultures, all beautiful and surprising. It is like you are watching 4 or 5 five plays in one. Also there is a lot of comedians and there are all in a right place on the stage, I really paid attention to those details. How the director put 20 people in a little (well at least not that big) stage and how we can still see everyone. This is something that will be useful for my future work. Well of course there wasn’t any subtitles so sometimes I didn’t get the details but still, I love this play and I already want to see it again. I really recommend it!

Then let’s go to the Christmas Market in Leicester Square where I listened to people playing music and singing some pop music. Christmas lights everywhere, a lot of people eating and drinking Christmas food. All the children were looking at the lights like it was magic. I also heard a lot of different languages, Spanish, French, German etc and of course English.

I’m changing neighbourhoods to go to Camden now to find a live music rock pub. And I found a heavy metal group, playing live music in The Dev bar. Everybody is wearing black clothes, jean jacket with a lot of metal group on it, drinking beers. Another type of music, another vibe, new people to discover. At the front row, I’m dancing and shaking my head in every directions. Seriously Head and Shoulders should do an ad based on them, I see hair going crazy every time I look at someone. After an hour and a half, it’s time to leave and to try a new place.

Still in Camden Town, I ended up in a Brazilian bar (Made in Brazil) with a latino music DJ. From black to green, from beers to tequila, from moving head to moving full body. Very different energy as you can imagine but I still love it. Now everybody is very well dressed, I mean fancy clothes. I smell food, tapas, fried chicken, tequila, lemon etc. There already are some drunk people who don’t walk straight, that’s fun to see. Same as The Dev, after an hour I left to discover another place.

Let’s change neighbourhood again and now I’m in Shoreditch. Honestly, we went to the 1st club we saw, the Floripa. There is still colours everywhere and people dancing but this time on pop/RnB music. We met a lot of people here, talked to some English guys with very strong accents, basically they are all missing the « t » in the words. Also it’s very interesting to hear to way they speak because it’s absolutely not the English I learnt at school. We ended the night here and danced all night long to the closure of the club.

It’s actually the first time that I went through so many music styles in the same night : Opera, pop
music, heavy metal, Latino and RnB.

All the people we met were very interesting, has their own language, their own style.


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