On my journey to peak wisdom… By @martamorientes

By Marta Morientes


On my journey to peak wisdom…

…Last week I was collecting dots: gathering experiences and seeing things that I hadn’t seen before. 

On my path to connecting a quantity of quality dots, I’ve decided to visit some cultural hubs. Weekly. (Going the extra mile, I’ve become a member of V&A Museum.)

Following this path, I went to see “The Future starts here” at V&A. An inspiring, stimulating and challenging exhibition which had more than 100 objects as a landscape of possibilities for the near future.

This exhibition blew my mind. 

As knowledge has no value unless you use and share it, let me share with you some of the brilliant dots I picked up at the V&A:

-A robot that does the laundry

-A holographic pop star with millions of fans in Japan

-A camera that decides when to shoot instead of being worried of taking the perfect picture

-A rechargeable battery that powers all the home

-A shirt that powers your mobile phone

-A social bot that influences public opinion

-Post-truth propaganda, a fake campaign which was developed by UK Vote Leave organization

-A voting system designed for all at Norway elections

-A driverless car 

-Crowdsourcing the design of a new national flag in New Zealand

-A libertarian island on the open seas in the French Polynesia

-A safe haven for school children in memorial of journalist Maria Grazia, positioning education as the most effective instrument of peace

-A self-contained corporal campus designed for Apple by Fosters+Partners

-The first carbon neutral city called Masdar city in Abu Dhabi

-The world largest co-living building

-A three-faith house of worship where different faiths come together under one roof (beginning its construction this year in Berlin)

-Bloomerang Terminal is a computer program about finance, its data is considered more valuable than oil

-A worldwide web of trees as an alternative organic internet where trees create a living network

-A toy panda stuffed with state secrets, this project is called ‘Panda to panda’ and it has been created by Ai Wei Wei and Jacob Appelbaum

-A building block for creating public space, the aim is to create parks in empty spaces of big cities. Like Lego but applied to a big city

-Zero Carbon Flying. Honestly, I didn’t understand this one but it was like a flying bike really cool

-An underwater drone that maps the ocean floor where you could use VR glasses to rate the state of reefs

-A human-made leaf, yes. A bio-engineered leaf which produces oxygen

-The Great Green Wall of Africa consisting of planting 8000 trees to improve arid conditions and is the largest design project of the planet at the moment

-A galactic coffee machine for astronauts 

-Life forever as a digital avatar in an app where your families and friends can communicate with your avatar after your death

-Eternal 5D data storage are glass dishes that store information for billions of years

These are yours now. Use them with intelligence, courage and passion. 

By the time my journey to peak wisdom finishes…


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