“This school teaches you how to think outside the box. To think about stuff that nobody’s expecting”

1. Tell us a bit about yourself! Where are you from and which SCA intake were you in?

I’m Aleksandra Atanasovski, I’m from France and I was in the HUSH 2018/19 intake 🙂

2. What were your sources of creative inspiration when you were growing up?

Since I was very young I have always loved art. I constantly tapped into my creativity through drawing and painting, as well as singing and dancing. I chose an art based option during my time at college (10 hours per week). I discovered two artists that even now I’m taking inspiration from. Marcel Duchamp, the father of conceptual art, and Gerhard Richter, an amazing visual artist who produced abstract and photorealistic paintings. He’s known for his special homemade ‘squeegee’ that creates a gestural blur by dragging paint across the canvas surface. The result is always mysterious and hazy, but also harmonious.

3. Which agency are you current with and what are your career highlights so far?

I’m working full-time at Wieden+Kennedy London as a junior creative. I started 8 months ago and I’ve already produced three pieces of live work including 2 Nike ads that were mentioned in press articles in Campaign. I’m in the process of producing three more! I also organised my first art exhibition called “Visina”.

4. What inspired you to apply to SCA?

I instantly knew that the school was perfect for me, due to the good mentors and inspirational alumni. I wanted to follow their path and be able to work in a big agency.

5. Describe your time at SCA in 3 words.

Life changing – Emotional – HARD

6. In your time at SCA, what did you most enjoy and what did you find most challenging?

The briefs were so fun at SCA. This school teaches you how to think outside the box. To think about stuff that nobody’s expecting. The most challenging part was to create something unique, and to stand out in a class full of talented people – which was also the most rewarding when you got it right.

7. What book/film/podcast/show was a creative game changer for you?

I would say: Ru Paul’s Drag Race!!!!

Why? Because this show is all about self acceptance. Always pushing for the best version of ourselves, whilst also keeping in mind that progress will never happen if you don’t love yourself enough. Watching this show made me realise that we should never underestimate ourselves. We have a unique talent and we should be proud of that.

8. What advice would you give to a potential creative student who thinks they can’t be a professional creative?

If I can do it, so can you. With hard work anything is possible. Never listen to people doubting you and never give up.

9. What do you think makes SCA students stand-out and most awarded?

SCA shapes your mentality in order to prepare you for the industry. The school teaches you to be determined and resilient, ensuring you never get complacent and are always striving for more.

10. Top tips to get the best out of SCA?

Work HARD. There are no quick-fixes or tricks to get around doing the work. If you try your best and put your all into it, the results will come.

11. What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given?

PATIENCE. It’s good to want things right now but everything happens for a reason. By waiting the outcome will be much better.

*Follow Aleks on Twitter @aleks_atn and check out her portfolio with creative partner, Hannah here

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