Apple died when Steve Jobs did. By @iamvandale


By Adeline Vandale

Apple died when Steve Jobs did.

And I’m ready to fight anyone who disagrees.

Did you know there’s almost nothing to be done on a stolen iPhone?

Try to unblock a new one blocked from its apple ID.

But did you know how easy it is to unlock a laptop?

Try to restart it holding CMD + R.

You’re welcome.

We pay a fortune for these products because they’re the best to fit our needs as creatives.

Sad truth. 

And yet, when if someone nicks your work tool, Find My iPhone app will do fuck all.

They’re aware we can’t do without them. 

That’s why nowadays, an iPhone costs as much — if not more — than an iPad A4 size. A pen  costs the price of a year supply of sharpies. And a laptop that used to cost an arm already, keeps increasing in price.

And yes, phones and tablets are almost the same price as a computer. ¯_()_/¯

When Steve Jobs built this company, he knew he could make us pay for the design and the quality of his products.

But the quality is in decline and the prices are blowing.

You disagree? Fight me.

Phones which used to have breaking screens now have two of them: front and back.

Computers which used to be made of replaceable bits if out of service, are now soldered together so if something breaks, everything does.

I’m not even a pro. I hardly know what I’m talking about and yet, I have good points. Don’t deny it.

But they know we’re hooked.

So they know we’ll pay.


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