Running into the crowd – By @AsforAlex

By Alexandra Sims



Running into the crowd

There are a lot of analogies for SCA.

It’s a marathon so don’t burn out too quickly.

It’s a race so know when to keep your foot down and change gears.

It’s a mindf*ck because how can I do both? Surely I need to know if I’m racing to compete or just running for the achievement of completing it.  Either way, I think we can agree that you can’t miss a turning and go off track. Which is exactly what I did with this SCAB and now I’m circling back but it has cost me energy and time.  Every deadline is important and not only did I miss one, I didn’t even know it passed me. So when Marc said a couple students didn’t hand one in and they know who they are. I didn’t. The one thing worse than not meeting a deadline is not realising you have one and it proves how easy it is to slip up. We can’t be blinkered by projects when there are so many opportunities and I need to find a better plan of action because there’s clearly a fault in my current one.

It’s half term but not a time for hitting the brakes. Timelines need to be pestering us from the walls, books need to be overfed (it will throw up the crap when it needs to) and we’ll cycle between New Blood and Chip Shop. This week might be a time to fall behind but I’m sure we will be using it to prepare to overpass expectations.

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