Failure, My New Best Friend

Creativity is something we all have the capability to perform if given the proper tools and space to do and SCA is a driving force behind that.  With it, we can produce things some can only imagine but with such potential for greatness comes the responsibility to make exceptional work and anything less, a disappointment. With such pressure raining down on creatives, it’s easy to become obsessed with the notion of perfection.

Everyone’s definition of perfection will differ and yet we still strive to obtain it; Why? It is a harmful practice as it doesn’t exist, and it is not the work that we create that is the problem. The fact is, a computer could create its definition of ‘perfect’ and yet it still will be criticised by someone i.e., has no emotion, nothing insight to support It and several other elements not evident. We live in a world where we are bombarded by visual information, having imagery being force-fed to us on social media and our tv screens; so much so I worry, will we become desensitized to it all?

I recently heard someone say, “Practice does not make perfect, it makes progress” and I feel that is the best way to go through life. Progress is the only thing that keeps us creating and allows reflection on our work which is what I have been doing every day after joining this year’s cohort. Without progress, we would become stagnant, which begs the question of why we continue to try and achieve the impossible. Is it because unattainability gives us an unfulfillable goal that makes us work harder and further progress? If so, we should instead aim for the possible and if success is in the making, let it be a failure.

When there is nowhere to go but up, failure is the ‘perfect’ thing creatives need to strive for. The evolving nature of art over time has affected the way we work and with it, our opinions and criticisms. We have to constantly check if our work is agreeable, adhering to both the written and somewhat invisible rules about what is ethical. Failure may seem like giving up, but I believe that if you have the right mindset, it can help you be the best version of yourself and say ‘next time’ when you are unable to achieve certain goals.

Our work is a part of us and the more we try to appeal to others or our own impossible standards, the less the work becomes something ‘real’ and instead something artificial and numeric. Art is subjective and the way we perceive and comprehend creative outputs is based on our own experiences.  Without individuality and confidence in our skills, we wouldn’t know what our work is trying to communicate. Let us use failure to practice and progress so that although our advertisement will try to entice, any illustration, video, blog etc. we create tries to educate, tell a story, give us perspective and most of all, inspire us. 


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