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By Antonio Castellano  


Anto Fixed Pencil


When someone calls me Antonio, it sounds very formal for me. Because in Italy we ALWAYS use nicknames for friends who have a long name. For example, Victoria: I consider her a great friend and so for me she’s Vic!

My name has a lot of nicknames: Anto, Antó, Tonio, Tonino, Totonno, Toti, Totino, Toto, Totò, Tonio, Tony, Anthony. I pretty like Toto (even if nobody has ever called me like that), probably because it reminds me of Totodile, my favorite Pokemon when I was a kid. Some of the other nicknames are very weird… and, fortunately, the only ones my friends use are Anto and Antò. Antò is not so lovely and you may use it when you are a bit annoyed: “Antò, hurry up! You are late!”. So it’s not my favorite one. Instead, I love Anto. All my best friends have called me so and now for me, it means a lot. When someone uses it I create a certain level of confidence. It’s smooth and simply very friendly! it’s a shortcut to be a close friend of mine.

Here in the UK, I see that friends use “mate” or “dude” but I heard these used as well in conversations with strangers, so they don’t sound like something exclusively for friends. I told Forrest about nicknames a couple of weeks ago, and he started calling me ‘Anto’. As I said, I really love it so I’ve been very happy about that!


‘Anto Fixed Pencil’. Inside the SCABs world, we have 3 alter egos: Johnny Black Pencil, a natural successful writer; Rosie Blunt Pencil, a clumsy hard worker, and Lucky White Pencil, a world savior dreamer. The blogs tell their stories and they are very interesting and funny. I had a thought about my alter ego, but I haven’t him yet. Probably, I will never have one. So, as you have already realized, this is not one of these SCABs. Then, why is the title of this blog like this?

Pete and Marc have always said you need to be broken during D&Ad to be rebuild later. But I thought that this wouldn’t have been my case. I felt I was broken during the video production of ‘Rome in a day’ because,  to prove I was good, I gave ALL the energy I had in my body. But now I realize that was my physical broken moment, not my emotional one.

I experienced a deep crisis during D&Ad. Not actually for the project itself though. I had to properly face fears and personal insecurities. And it was harder than 16 hours of video editing in 1 and a half day. Now I’m better. Better even than I was before the crisis. That’s thanks to the energy I’ve inside, but most of all, it is thanks to the people who helped me and supported me during those darkest days. I didn’t expect so much support and from so many people. Every single thing you did helped me so much: talking, listening, hugging.


Genuinely, thank you Pete, Marc (and Squirrel), Ian, Alex M., Miriam, Marta, Gem, Aleks, Lauren, Lucy, Tom, Leli, Maddy, Vic, Ruby.


Thank you guys,


The copy scores 74.9 in the Flesch Reading Ease test

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