It gets under your skin – By @thomas_ludo

Ludo Thomas

By Ludo Thomas


It gets under your skin. 

Whilst I sit here on the train heading further away from London reflecting on last night with a somewhat fuzzy head, it became totally evident that I’ve found exactly what I want to do. When I say that, it must be taken into account that I dread plans and I may in fact be working on an oil rig off the coast of west Africa next week. But for the moment I’m absolutely certain that Advertising is for me. 
It’s quite a daunting prospect loving this game because you have to come to terms with knowing you won’t be sleeping all that much, and boy do I love sleep. The past week has been full on, a bit of a rollercoaster if you like, but I feel invigorated having learned lots and come through fairly unscathed, in my experience, it’s the harder times where you learn the most. But even though it’s long hours and short deadlines I still find that I bloody love it. 
I seem to be talking about advertising a lot… how boring you may think, but I just can’t help it. I’m fascinated by it, and right now I find it infiltrating into every area of my life. This course currently takes up approximately 98% of my being, and even then, with my remaining 2%, I come home and find myself showing my work to my family and friends, seeing if they like it, seeing if they get what I’m trying to say. On top of that, we keep getting told our unconscious minds are one of the most powerful tools we own and even when we’re doing something completely unrelated to advertising, the problems we consciously plant in our heads earlier that day, are subconsciously being solved without us even knowing…the bloody matrix, right? There’s no escape. 
I guess it doesn’t help living in a world where advertising touches everything, wherever you look you’ll see some kind of monstrous branding or design, and as I see them I find myself trying to pick faults, (which isn’t particularly difficult) and questioning layouts, and whether it is communicating effectively, gosh, what do I sound like. The point is there is no break from it. 
Advertising… it’s unrelenting, painfully addictive, and completely crazy but I love it and I’m not stopping anytime soon. 

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