It’s been a month – @pandofae

By Gauthier Peyret
It’s been a month since the courses started, and I can draw my first conclusions having taken a step back. This school is definitely atypical, but so are those who come to it. I’m talking about our teachers, of course. They all have a field of activity in which they excel. There is Dusty with whom we work the Scamp, Ian this Englishman who made me think of a Scottish, he misses only the kilt and the axe of the blow now that I think about it he could have been at the casting of the Lord of the rings.
There’s Rob the video gentleman and of course Marc, the living god. But among all our teachers one, my can be more important than the others. I am of course talking about DEANNA, the only one, the only one. Being rather solitary and introverted I have a lot of work in his discipline but his good mood is so communicative that I’m ready to go to the stage in every class, or at least once by myself. I think I’d go buy her a ring before the end of the semester. Now let’s talk about our comrades at SCA. The British are rather reserved when it comes to conversation. They rarely ask questions about the privacy of others. Subjects such as weight, occupation, relationships and age are usually avoided unless a relationship of trust is already established. Typically, in order to break the ice, English conversations begin like the French: speaking of time! but once their shells are pierced, they’re friendly, nice people. They are always ready to help us if needed.

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