It’s gone quick – @maxatyler

By Max Tyler


It’s gone quick

Its nearly Christmas and term two is just around the corner. The past eleven weeks have flown by, I haven’t had a chance to think about anything else apart from the projects I have been working on. Family and friends have really taken a back seat in the past few weeks and I can’t wait to put them at the forefront of my life again when we break up. I’ve got some explaining to do to some of my family and friends trying and tell the stuff I have been doing this term and where I’ve been.


Working on the last few PB’s and one-week briefs have been a test on how hard I can work. It’s mainly been good way to iron out some early wrinkles in my working process and the way I prioritise different parts of the project. From week to week I feel like the class are developing how to solve problems more efficiently at a very rapid rate. It’s quite weird to see everyone taking the course on together at such a fast pace, but it’s reassuring to think that if we can learn the basics this quickly then what’s in store for us in the next two terms is really going to define us as a group.


The dial has been turned up for the end of term, we are at 30% capacity as we’ve been told. The projects have been dropped on us all at once. I’m can’t say Im looking forward to this dial being turned up higher, but I feel now we’ve worked at this capacity the work stress shouldn’t be as enduring the second time round. That is just a theory… I’ve found good ways to work and good ways not to work. Since we’ve been given PB briefs to work on all of the masterclasses and techniques have all had to come into practice it seems like a lifetime away since we were given the one-day poster briefs. It’s safe to say they have been missed dearly and I think I can speak for the class on that one. Remembering what we’ve done as the weeks have passed feel like a graveyard of shit that you could have done better, and this is down to the enemy of time. Time is our worst enemy at this school and this is the main thing I have spent the last week on developing how to manage. Juggling workloads is possible which is something I wasn’t able to visualise before, I’m learning how to plan the day and manage the projects in a more balanced way. I’ll find out on Friday if this worked or not, no doubt I’ll be up late or editing the video for more hours than is safe for my eyes but it’s the first week, I’ll try managing my managing till it’s sorted out.

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