Jack & Jill went up the hill – By @dinglebobs

By Ben Conway


Jack & Jill went up the hill

Jack and Jill went up the hill
to fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown,
and Jill came tumbling after.

Up Jack got, and home did trot,
as fast as he could caper.
He went to bed to mend his head,
with vinegar and brown paper.

By Ben Conway



Today is not a day of pride for me. I mourn the iceberg Donald.


Clearly, I didn’t write the beloved nursery rhyme you’ve seen and heard before. Someone else has their name to it. It draws use to my SCAB, because of an email John received.


Environmental group to carve Donald Trump’s face into the side of Arctic iceberg”


It wasn’t even my idea and I’m bloody angry. To have pitched for that work and have someone else claim the reward is shameful. Shameful on the client for not recognizing a huge PR opportunity? No.


How many presentations have had legs, but were cuckolded by our own lack of balls, to transit the balls to a fro, and take pride in the balls?  If the school is about good ideas, our sponsors should be in agreement to nurture and commit to the best ones. Surely? But how difficult is setting up a Gofundme and sending it out to people?


It happened again.


An Instagram account, from an art director published on Adweek, draws Donald Trump’s face onto food. I kicked myself. THAT was my Twitter monster from earlier in the year, except substitute Donald for our home girl Theresa.



They get the credit while I look like an imposter because I didn’t push myself. I could have had it, but I didn’t. Noticing the similarity between those two examples of the first and second example is what lead me to writing this.


Opportunity is now here has never spoke to me more than today. If the campaign is shit, bin it. If the idea is good, put it up where people might see it, it could go somewhere.


No one is waiting around for us, or our ideas. Other than us. Sophie’s life is busy enough, if the team wanted that Donald Trump idea to go viral, they would have made it happen.


I don’t want this to be a downer and I don’t want to bash the team, but it’s the worst thing to see wasted potential, in anyone. Until we got our latest book score, the biggest annoyance for me would be hearing people say it’s almost there or drawing a half measure against us. This work being published feels like one of those moments, and it happened because we forgot about it.


If you want to take anything away from this, don’t leave any ideas behind. Because I won’t be anymore.


They could just get carved into the side of an iceberg and published online.

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