It’s late – By @Arthur_Art_Dir

Arthur Harry

By Arthur Harry



It’s late



I always wondered if there would be a point of no return when it would be too late;


To change my habbits making everyday long, too long…


To really understand what I want, and how to get it.


To say no.


To accept that failure is part of a process leading to productivity.


To take risks and do those things I’ve talked about.


To create compelling stories.


To make a difference.


To master time. 


Well after one week at SCA I found a simple solution to all my problems; being conscious of the present moment!


This was possible through the encounter of a couple of individuals that don’t know me, don’t care about me and never will. It’s presicely this exchange with total strangers that made it true and immediate.


I’m not sure how to call them… “Mentors” seems a little too institutionalised and inadequate. They didn’t expect anything from me, rather they just wanted to share and listen.  


For this I thank them and hope, some day, to share in return.






Arthur Harry







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