SCA and Love Island parallels – By @Laura_Amelia_

Laura Magee

By Laura Magee


SCA and Love Island parallels 

So the new season of Love Island started last week. It’s TOWIE, Take Me Out and Big Brother all rolled into one. Unsurprisingly, people love it, and you’ll never guess… but I’m one of them.
At our house in London, we didn’t own a TV (we do now! Thanks Georgia!). So being back with my family for a couple of days over the half term meant I was able to watch it. 
For anyone who is working hard on creating the next big campaign and haven’t a clue what Love Island is, first of all, well done on not getting distracted by another bizarrely addictive and tremendously pointless english tv show, and secondly, here is a little description to keep you in the loop:
A group of girls and a group of guys get flown out to majorca to live in a house. As soon as they   arrive they have to couple up. Lots goes down and new people get brought in to stir things up. The aim of the game is to stay in their couples by the end and the public get to vote for which couple they want to win. Some are in it for the money and some play the game. Others want to find genuine partners. The winning couple get £125,000 each. << Tempting right?!
I really should return to the point I was trying to make but there was some absolute TV gold that I felt was necessary to include. And this was one of many:
One girl was debating which guy to be with and she put it like this: 
‘_____ (guy no. 1)  is like a tin of Heinz beens and ____ (guy no. 2) is like a pea. And you want beans in the morning not peas.’
From start to finish I couldn’t help but think it’s like the school. 
People breaking up, 
people talking about breaking up, 
people talking about who might break up, 
who might get back together, 
who definitely won’t split, 
who surprised them,
questioning if some are together purely to be win.
The working relationships we create at school take up a big part and they take a while to get used to. They can hold you back or set you free. They can help carve the path you take and make you see things from a different perspective. So much. 
But it can be really frustrating and time consuming. You’re desperately trying to concentrate on work and making this year a success but it’s eating away at the back of your head. You know once you find them it will be a breeze or at least a lighter storm than the one you have going on inside your head. Will you settle early on or hold on for someone that could be on their way around the corner? But I’ve come to the conclusion that it just boils down to the way you look at it. And you shouldn’t overthink it. Just chill peeps. 
Wouldn’t it be funny if campaign had an agony aunt section for creative teams?
We all came to SCA to learn how to advertise and we’ll soon be walking out (some maybe staggering) knowing far more.
I don’t have time to continue watching the rest of the series but in some ways SCA feels like we’re living in it (just a far better one).

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