My tribe

Back again not knowing what to talk about for this SCAB. D&AD was rough, the process was gruelling but afterwards the comedown was insane. I’ve felt so many things at once. The main thing that’s been on my mind a lot this week is finding my tribe, my people. People who listen to the same music I do, or watch the same films, or have the same humour. 

So it’s made me think of how much I miss my work bestie who became a bestie bestie. That made me weepy all day honestly. Finding her was like finding a needle in a haystack. Someone I could relate to both professionally and personally has been so difficult for me over the years.

We both came from the beauty industry and segued into creating set designs and curating photoshoots for musicians. It was a beautiful journey and I’m looking forward to finding another partner in crime however long it takes.

A good partner to me is someone you can come up with the silliest stuff to and not feel censored or like you’re competing with them for the best idea, someone who flows off what you say, pushes your ideas together, explores all angles of everything. Excited by the things you’re excited by but also challenges your thoughts and comes at it from a completely new perspective.


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